Q & amp;A Lynda Carter remains a wonder of a woman

She plays Principal Powers in 'Sky High,' the summer's surprise hit comedy.
She may be 54 and the mother of two teenagers, but Lynda Carter doesn't look much different from what she did nearly 30 years ago on the TV series "Wonder Woman." She's tall, svelte and curvy and can still probably get into the scanty superhero outfit she wore on the series from 1976 to 1979.
Though she was considered a sex symbol at the time, Carter admits, "I never thought of Wonder Woman as a sexual being, but you can ask a lot of 15-year-old boys back then."
Between then and now, she's appeared in TV movies, produced five musical variety specials and been the face of Maybelline cosmetics.
Carter resurfaces in semi-action-figure mode in "Sky High," the summer's surprise hit comedy, playing Principal Powers, head of a high school for budding superheroes where kids are divided into hero or sidekick classes depending on their powers. Her own talent? She can transform herself into a blazing comet. In more mundane realms, she plays Willie Nelson's love interest in "The Dukes of Hazzard," and will guest this year on two episodes of NBC's "Law & amp; Order: SVU."
Responding to a reporter's questions, she commented on her career.
Q: So were you a hero or sidekick in high school in Phoenix?
A: I was a sidekick. I had a couple of friends that were in the cool group, but I wasn't part of the cool group.
Q: It is hard to believe "Wonder Woman" was ever considered uncool.
A: I was 5 feet 10, round-faced. I was already singing in bands. I was different. And that part I didn't mind. I wanted to do what I was doing. I lived in this rich neighborhood where there were a lot of really nice homes, but [lived] in an old section with those little cracker-box homes -- three bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. My parents were divorced and Mom worked at Motorola.
Q: Is it true that originally Principal Powers was envisioned as a dowdy character?
A: They originally had her in low heels, a bun and glasses, and I went to the costume designer -- I love the collaborative process anyway -- and I said we should go the exact opposite with stiletto heels.
Q: After all, she's a comet.
A: The whole bone of my character is that she is a comet, an entity. It is so funny at this time in my life, and the age I am -- post-menopausal -- to have an opportunity to create a character like this. Just because you are an older woman, it doesn't make you less powerful, it doesn't make you passe.

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