Marriage licenses
James J. Senvisky, 34, of 120 Orchard St., Newton Falls, and Shannon L. Kusky, 33, of 342 Poland Ave., Struthers.
Robert L. Ankrom, 45, of 2509 Bainbridge, Youngstown, and Cheryl L. Lawson, 46, of same.
Alex N. Schmitt, 29, of 1411 Woodpath Court, Hudson, Ohio, and Susan M. Memo, 25, of 2530 Timothy Knoll, Poland.
Brian C. Cheeks, 27, of 143 Rosemont, Austintown, and Kirsten M. Kingsberry, 29, of same.
Rickey A. Starcher, 44, of 2604 Oregon Ave., Youngstown, and Catherine L. Slusher, 37, of same.
Ruben Gutierrez, 24, of 5517 Walnut Grove Circle, Struthers, and Sarah R. Livesay, 23, of same.
Divorces asked
Kristen L. Halloran, 495 Shadyside Drive, Canfield, vs. Georgi N. Atanasov, 6910 Townharbor Blvd., #2712, Boca Raton, Fla.
Natalie M. Orr, 254 Maplecroft, North Lima s. Justin M Orr, 355 W. Calla Road, Poland.
Clerac Inc. vs. Karen Catone et al, money.
Mischelle Hubbard admx. of the estate of Patricia A. Bowman deceased, money.
Juan Garcia vs. Forum Health name unknown et al, medical malpractice.
Mary Jane Gearhart vs. Tri-State Financial & amp; Home Services et al, breach of contract.
Barron Vodhanel vs. Tina Kielmeyer, notice of appeal.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Richard Anderson et al, money.
MRC Receivables Corp. vs. Ronald Guidos, money.
Elva Mick vs. Cracker Barrell Old Country Store et al, workers' compensation.
Farmers National Bank vs. Jason Mathews, money.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Monique Ford et al, money, foreclosure, and relief.
McCloud Drohn vs. Cocca Development Ltd., money.
Net Bank et al vs. Frankie Iannaggi et al, foreclosure.
Chase Home Finance LLC vs. Daniel L. Kountz et al, foreclosure.
Shauna Pupin vs. Anthony Kopatich Sr. et al, money.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Brindco Management Inc. et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Neil Kennedy et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Reck Becket al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Robert Price et al, foreclosure.
Cheryl Kelty vs. C. James Conrad Admr. et al, workers' compensation.
Joanne Iannucci vs. C. James Conrad Admr. et al, workers' compensation.
Jan Lois McCulley et al vs. Melissa S. Scott et al, money.
Amy L. Havaich vs. Jacqueline S. Gonzalez, other tort.
Dale Ditman indiv. and as father and next friend of Shelby Ditman a minor vs. Theresa Maynard, money.
ADP Inc. aka Automotive Data Processing Inc. vs. ESQ Communications Inc., money.
William Cobbin vs. Sheriff Mahoning County, notice of appeal.
Grange Mutual Casualty Co. et al vs. Sheree L. Broil, money.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Kenneth C. McGarry et al, foreclosure.
HSBC Bank USA National Assoc. trustee et al vs. Timolyn D. Turner et al, foreclosure.
Pacific Security LLC vs. Joseph Christian et al, foreclosure.
The Home Savings and Loan Co. of Youngstown vs. Kevin Kriss et al, foreclosure.
Frances Riffle vs. Kevin Majors et al, money.
Mary A. Lewis vs. Addition Programs of Mahoning County et al, workers' compensation.
Joanne M. Stalnacker vs. K-Mart Corp. et al, workers' compensation.
Shirley J. Johnson vs. Western Reserve Healthcare Corp. et al, workers' compensation.
Patrick L. Beconder et al vs. Dawn Williams et al, money.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. Matthew Ditchey individually and as exec. of the estate of Bonita J. Ditchey deceased, money.
Paul Rafferty et al vs. Samsa-Greene Moving and Storage, dba North American Van Lines, money.
Terri Heinrich vs. Chelsey Broadcasting Co. of Youngstown LLC et al, money.
Real estate
Christine Pierce to Jason E. Moser et al, Youngstown, $125,000.
Neil Kennedy to Beverly A. Lockett Alfonsa, Youngstown, $45,000.
Jennifer B. Reese et al to Mary Alice Reese, Milton Twp., $77,500.
P.O. Investments Inc. to Brock Creek Partners et al, North Benton, $45,000.
David A. Rubino to Kenny Fagiano, Youngstown, $60,000.
Herons Landing LLC to Dieter Home Construction Inc., Austintown Twp., $38,650.
Stephen Petrunak et al to James Shoemaker et al, New Middletown, $55,000.
Dieter Home Construction Inc. to Kevin Hefner et al, Austintown Twp., $216,874.
Anthony Reda et al to Margaret I. Williams, Youngstown, $93,500.
Michael G. Curtis to Carinthia Inc., Youngstown, $4,000.
Paul M. Zwolan et al to Prudential Relocation Inc., Canfield Twp., $305,000.
Prudential Relocation Inc. to Steven E. Cockrell et al, Canfield Twp., $305,000.
David Beight et al to Timothy A. Garzanich, Youngstown, $72,000.
Phillip J. Cracrun et al to Tiffanie N. Thomas, Youngstown, $65,000.
Sean B. Fyack to George A. Thomas et al, Youngstown, $52,700.
Denise D. Davidson to Charles L. Deges et al, Canfield Twp., $110,000.
Jeannie E. Gentithes to Charles Drew et al, Boardman Twp., $113,000.
Robert A. Archer Jr.. to Sherry Stamm, North Jackson, $40,000.
Richard Shipley et al vs. Wachovia Bank Delaware, Youngstown, $58,000.
Najib Ghossain vs. Anthony Pupek, Youngstown, $9,600.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Robert C. Leonard Jr., 7434 Becky Court, Apt. 2, Youngstown; labor, Canfield Industries; liabilities, $23,131; assets, $2,405.
Susan Pasquale, 34 Manchester, Youngstown; retired; liabilities, $11,508; assets, $4,440.
Ronald Yaksich and Andrea Yaksich, 211 Kendall Ave., Apt A, Campbell; he: retired; she: retired; liabilities, $17,764; assets, $5,900.
Ronnie Maldonado, 3345 Sunnybrook Drive, Youngstown; self-employed, Alpha Communications Inc.; liabilities, $121,206; assets, $82,406.
Georgia Mae Smith, 41 Millet Ave., Youngstown; support specialist, Sears; liabilities, $27,600; assets, $1,755.
James P. Caruso Jr. and Josephine M. Caruso, 336 E. Ravenwood, Youngstown; he: both: disabled; liabilities, $19,400; assets, $2,862.
Crystal Denson, 334 Chicago Ave., Youngstown; on medical leave; liabilities, $15,759; assets, $3,550.
Alisha C. Pierce, aka Alisha Brown, 2346 Goleta Ave., Youngstown; supervisor, Steak & amp; Shake; liabilities, $80,586; assets, $41,450.
Kimberly Liller, Youngstown; dispatcher, BPD, CPD, p/t.; liabilities, $120,408; assets, $52,525.
Timothy M. Adair Jr., 1100 Boardman-Canfield Road; Apt. 33-B, Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $36,732; assets, $3,730.
Kathy Jo Myers, 815 W. Tennessee, Sebring; disabled; liabilities, $33,522; assets, $2,466.
Kimberly A. Billue, 242 E. Avondale Ave., Youngstown; nurse aide, Shepherd of the Valley; liabilities, $76,508; assets, $54,272.
Richard J. Boyle, 143 N. Evanston, Youngstown; disabled; liabilities, $235,745; assets, $1,925.
David Mercandino, 770 Wesley Ave., Youngstown; driver Waste Management; liabilities, $150,230; assets, $4,900.
Nanette L. Ambrose, 3438 Hudson Ave., Youngstown; not employed; liabilities, $20,080; assets, $550.
Joseph Sacco and Nicole Sacco, 6551 N. Carolina Place, Youngstown; he: engineer, MinTeq International; she: X-ray tech, Mahoning Valley Imaging; liabilities, $287,804; assets, $184,425.
Stephen Foundoulis and Patricia A. Foundoulis, 8562 Glenwood Ave., Boardman; both: disabled; liabilities, $392,965; assets, $207,500.
Yvonne Whipple, 229 Norwood Ave., Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $27,335; assets, $1,525.
James M. Miller and Barbara Miller, 437 McCartney Road, Campbell; both, disabled; liabilities, $240,227; assets, $87,630.
Jacquelyn M. Heydle, 7475 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown; asst. manager, Regal Cinema South; liabilities, $30,959; assets, $6,783.
Anthony Naples and Kathleen Naples, 118 Popular St., Youngstown; he: retired, City of Youngstown Water Dept.; she: ward clerk, Humility of Mary Health Partners; liabilities, $145,656; assets, $53,750.
Joanne Novak, 31 Tremble Ave., Campbell; retired; liabilities, $87,874; assets, $2,175.
Jean Davis, aka Jean Greer aka Porter J. Greer, 463 W. Judson, Youngstown; habitation specialist, Gateways to a Better Living; liabilities, $41,494; assets, $77,860.
Ronald Terrill, 82 N. Bridge St., Struthers; disabled; liabilities, $119,907; assets, $100,510.
Ronald E. Riggs Sr. and Norina M. Riggs, 516 S. 21st St., Sebring; he: unemployed; she: LPN Crandall Medical Center; liabilities, $82,729; assets, $101,140.
Karen Frattaroli, 2021 Wingate Road, Youngstown; asst. manager, Gorant Candies; liabilities, $24,535; assets, $7,975.
Robert Niddel and Dora Niddel, 9525 Woodworth Road, Lot B26, North Lima; he: truck driver, WC JPH; she: none; liabilities, $114,072; assets, $60,900.
Albert M. Bleggi M.D. 3946 Montreal Drive, Canfield; medical doctor, Medical Imaging Network Inc.; liabilities, $6,678,344; assets, $839,021.
William R. Frantz, 212 Charlestown Place, Youngstown; and Mari Sue Frantz, 5141 Newton Falls Road, Lot 70, Ravenna; he: machinist, Euclid Universal; she: unemployed; liabilities, $89,961; assets, $2,250.
Joyce Hamon, 1005 Lake Park Blvd., Lot 5, Sebring; retired; liabilities, $39,175; assets, $6,410.
Jason Scott, 6350 W. Calla Road, Canfield; unemployed; liabilities, $24,482; assets, $209.
Jayne Cating, 308 Emery, Youngstown; telemarketer, Infocision; liabilities, $58,021; assets, $795.
Nadine Johnson, 396 Cornell Ave., Youngstown; cook, Lincoln Place; liabilities, $116,295; assets, $4,210.
Steven R. Garland and Kristina A. Garland, 130 N. Hartford, Youngstown; he: steel worker, Taylor Steel; she: homemaker; liabilities, $166,695; assets, $135,406.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Donald Dilisio, 10 Wren Drive, Lake Milton; mechanic, Ohio Edison; liabilities, $90,922; assets, $101,930.
Betty Lou Rednock, 120 S. Main St., Youngstown; retired; liabilities, $14,706; assets, $2,700.
Cassandra Hilson, 2987 Megan Circle, Youngstown; habitation specialist, Gateway To Better Living; liabilities, $82,915; assets, $61,745.
Cleveland Wilder Jr., and Cowillie Wilder, 1618 Forestview Drive, Youngstown; he: disabled; she: disabled; liabilities, $93,715; assets, $40,300.
Angela Lee, 2257 Cordova Ave., Youngstown; X-ray tech, Forum Health; liabilities, $12,284; assets, $4,742.
Donald Davis, 3023 Frederick Drive, Apt. 3, Youngstown; retired; liabilities, $46,130; assets,$13,237.
Monica Ford, 102 S. Glenellen Ave., Youngstown; stna, Briarfield Manor; liabilities, $67,940; assets, $ 575.
Charlene Thompson, 244 Granada Ave., Youngstown; retired; liabilities, $37,617; assets, $40,300.
Derreck Price, 413 Penhale, Campbell; glass technician, Glass Doctor; liabilities, $73,076; assets, $77,980.

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