hUnsuccessful attempt

hUnsuccessful attempt
HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. -- High Springs firefighter Brian Langston turns away after unsuccessfully attempting to resuscitate a dog named Parrish rescued from a burning mobile home.
Mobile home resident Bruce Langdon-Chartier was not at home at the time of the fire, according to fire officials.
The fire occurred Thursday.
Rolling blackouts in Calif.cut power to 500,000
LOS ANGELES -- Sweltering heat and the loss of key transmission lines Thursday forced power officials in Southern California to impose rolling blackouts, leaving as many as half a million people without power for about half an hour, officials said.
The California Independent System Operator, which operates the state's electric grid, declared a transmission emergency at 3:57 p.m., said ISO spokeswoman Stephanie McCorkle.
About 30 minutes later, power was being restored to people subjected to the blackouts, she said.
The ISO ordered SoCal Edison to reduce demand Thursday throughout its region, prompting blackouts in areas of Fontana, La Puente, Cathedral City, Huntington Beach, Long Beach and Ontario, said Gil Alexander, a spokesman for the utility.
Police charge Mass. man with desecrating corpse
NEWBURYPORT, Mass. -- A young man performing court-ordered community service in a cemetery was charged with breaking into a Civil War-era tomb and desecrating remains by pulling apart a skeleton and posing for pictures with the skull and other bones.
"It's bizarre, absolutely bizarre," police Lt. Richard Siemasko said. "I can't even imagine what was in his head. This is just a whole new level of weird for me."
Neil J. Goodwin Jr., 19, of Salisbury, was working at the city's Old Hill Burying Ground on Aug. 17 as part of his court-ordered community service for a burglary conviction.
Prosecutors said Goodwin, who was on probation for breaking into an apartment building last fall, kicked in the thin marble entrance to the tomb marked "1863 Pierce," and twisted off the decomposed corpse's spine, collarbone and skull.
Police said they got an anonymous tip on Saturday, and later received three photos of Goodwin holding the bones.
Palestinian leaderdenounces deadly raid
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday denounced a deadly Israeli arrest raid that killed five Palestinians, calling it an intentional provocation aimed at undermining a six-month cease-fire, but he urged militant groups to hold their fire.
Militants vowed to renew attacks on Israel, a move that would undercut the good will that resulted from an Israeli pullout from 25 Jewish settlements in Gaza and part of the West Bank.
Late Wednesday, Israeli forces raided the Tulkarem refugee camp in the West Bank, killing five Palestinians, at least three of them armed.
Elephant breaks trailer,thwarting relocation
SHIMBA HILLS NATIONAL RESERVE, Kenya -- The 22-year-old bull elephant was tranquilized, bound with rope and loaded Thursday onto a truck's trailer -- the start of an ambitious relocation operation for 400 of the animals.
Then the trailer broke under the pachyderm's poundage.
The $3.2 million exercise, the biggest elephant relocation Kenya has ever attempted, was suspended indefinitely Thursday after the mishap.
The bull was to have been the first of the elephants to be taken on an eight-hour drive from overcrowded Shimba Hills National Reserve more than 218 miles to the northern part of Tsavo East National Park.
Kenya Wildlife Service rangers had planned to begin moving entire elephant family groups starting Saturday, but now the schedule for the government-funded operation is uncertain.
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