Marriage licenses
Brian K. McMeans, 21, of 4890 Brookwood, #3, Boardman, and Chanell M. Eley, 22, of same.
Benjamin R. Ballard, 24, of 46709 Allendale Ave., New Waterford, and Tiffany N. Medvec, 19, of 11475 Fox Run Lane, Canfield.
Christopher R. Stone, 24, of 36380 Salem Grange, Salem, and Stacey A. Miller, 23, of 7344 Clovermeade, Poland.
Mathew P. Lanterman, 23, of 1630 Chattanooga Ave., Youngstown, and Amanda S. Logan, 22, of same.
Shane P. Griffin, 34, of 1027 Gray St., Youngstown, and GlorisA. Hall, 32, of 836 Alameda Ave., Youngstown.
Hung M. Le, 26, of 205 S. Elruth, #5, Girard, and Huyen T. Duong, 25, of 1322 Feastant Circle, Boardman.
Richard J. Anderson, 23, of 1926 S. Heights #1, Youngstown, and Amanda L. Leombruno, 23, of same.
Docket entries
NVM Mtg. Corp. vs. John S. Thomas et al, Humility of Mary Health Partners dismissed, only.
Diane L. Nail et al vs. Edward D. Brandon et al, settled.
Kathleen Buggs vs. Donna J. Akins et al, settled.
Wells Fargo Bank M.N. et al vs. Alitha A. Williams et al, decree in foreclosure.
Home Savings & amp; Loan Co. of Youngstown vs. Haybert Williams et al, judgment entry in foreclosure.
Tiffany L. Tomerine vs. Emily Cardinal et al, dismissed.
Clarice Marshall et al vs. Jack Russell et al, judgment for defendants.
David Hafer et al vs. Tiffin Motel Management Ind., dismissed.
John M. Krayetes et al vs. The Ice Zone et al, settled.
Robert E. Bowers et al vs. Farmers National Bank et al, settled.
James Patterson vs. Calex Corp. et al, settled.
City of Youngstown vs. William Donnie et al, satisfied.
David G. Campana et al vs. Cynthia Haines et al, settled and dismissed.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. vs. William Smith et al, confirming sale.
Linda Rock as guardian of Paul V. Kuzma vs. Humility of Mary Health Partners et al, dismissed.
Great Seneca Financial Corp vs. Darrell G. Stores, judgment for plaintiff.
Ardent Manufacturing Co. LLC vs. Jason Webb et al, sale confirmed.
Provident Bank vs. William Donnadio et al, sale confirmed.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. vs. Greg Donchess et al, sale confirmed.
Same vs. Robert Norton et al, same.
Same vs. Daniel Millich et al, same.
Same vs. Paul Gravatt et al, same.
Deutsche Bank National Trustco vs. Richard Morris et al, foreclosure.
Aggressive Financial Solutions Inc. vs. Lori A. Quear et al, order for disbursement of funds.
Dennis Conway et al vs. Joshua Gestosani, settled.
Wells Fargo Bank National Assoc. et al vs. Gale VanFosson et al, sale confirmed.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. vs. Constance Bloom et al, sale confirmed.
Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis vs. John Wilcox et al, foreclosure.
Firstmerit Mtg. Corp. vs. Dewayne Lockhart et al, sale confirmed.
Deborah Kraft vs. Christopher George, settled.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Ronald Borgnesser et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. Becky Mallin et al, sale confirmed.
Provident Bank vs. Raymond Tally et al, foreclosure.
Provident Bank vs. Keith Hineman et al, sale confirmed.
County treasurer vs. Emily Mansfield et al, foreclosure.
Same vs. Joseph Ramirez et all foreclosure.
Sky Bank successor in interest to the Second National Bank vs. Nicholas J. Kavoklis et al, foreclosure and sale.
County treasurer vs. Sam Centofanti et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York as trustee vs. Luis A. Olivera et al, foreclosure.
Household Realty Corp. vs. George Jones et al, foreclosure.
National Check Bureau Inc. vs. Thelma Nagy, dismissed.
Brenda Greer vs. Patricia Hickson Greer, dismissed.
County treasurer vs. George Potor et al, foreclosure.
Same vs. Richard Robinson et al, foreclosure.
Same vs. Raymond Jackson et al, foreclosure.
Lloyd G. Hewlett Jr. et al vs. Forum Health Northside Medical Center, dismissed.
State Farm Mutual et al vs. Nelson Santiago, judgment for plaintiff.
Progressive Max Ins. Co. vs. Alfredo Garcia, judgment for plaintiff.
County treasurer vs. Latasha Woods et al, foreclosure.
Dominck Adornato vs. Laura Bankston, judgment for plaintiff.
Ecast Settlement Corp. vs. Mary H. Buck, judgment for plaintiff.
M and I Bank FSB vs. James Adams et al, dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. John A. Giuliano et al, dismissed.
State vs. Dwayne Crum et al, dismissed.
Sara C. Ruble vs. Mark Noday, dismissed.
Sherry Davis vs. Donti Ford, dismissed.
Susan Hernan vs. Stephanie Hernan, dismissed.
Kendra Harper vs. Tonya Rushton, dismissed.
Ayana C. Green vs. Kevin L. Pullen, dismissed.
State vs. Donald Rodino, count 2 dismissed.
State vs. Erika McClenty, three years supervised community control.
State vs. Andres Dimacale, one year non-reporting probation.
State vs. Terry Robbins, three years supervised community control.
State vs. Omar J. Robinson, six months nonreporting probation.
State vs. Erika McClenty, three-year probation.
State vs. Scott Bowden, probation with CCA.
State vs. Terry Robbins, three-year probation.
Real estate transfers
Thomas J. Giannini et al to Ernest Hight Jr., Youngstown, $500.
Adam Hech to Margaret Hossay, Boardman Twp., $96,000.
Steven J. Gerberry et al to Erin Appez et al, Youngstown, $990,000.
Michael Tarbet et al to Prudential Residential Services Ltd. Partnership, Boardman Twp., $94,000.
Prudential Residential Services Ltd. Partnership to Amy C. Corll, Boardman Twp., $94,000.
Franklin Credit Mang. Corp. to Justine Arons et al, Youngstown, $199,000.
DeCroccie Construction Ltd. to Patrick Trell et al, Poland Twp., $181,913.
Jason M. Pearl to RAC Closing Services LLC, Canfield Twp., $102,500.
RAC Closing Services LLC to Rebecca R. Preston, Canfield, $102,500.
Charles E. Dunson et al to John H. Meade, Youngstown, $31,200.
Zofia Sujka to Cristen M. Basic et al, Boardman Twp., $195,000.
Kevin D. Weker to Derrick W. McDowell, Youngstown, $75,000.
Fannie Mae to Flossy Carol Traylor, Youngstown, $15,500.
Deanna Santillo et al to Nanette Gasser, Youngstown, $4,000.
James J. Prato et al to Carol L. Johnson, Youngstown, $11,000.
Jered Shuster et al to Staci Kamil Fizet, Canfield, $144,500.
Gary Buckley et al to Greg S. Granger et al, Austintown Twp., $149,900.
Lisa A. Taylor to Andrew Kornball et al, Boardman Twp., $128,000.
Edward J. Paar to Josh A. Krumpak, Poland Twp., $110,000.
Fred D. Hightower trustee of Fred D. Hightower, to Suite 500 LLC, Youngstown, $350,000.
Carol Cartwright to Joseph A. D'Angello et al, Berlin Center, $349,900.
Keybank National Association to Neo's Homes LLC, Youngstown, $15,500.
Grace J. Withers et al to Howard M. Withers et al, Petersburg, $109,070.

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