Marriage licenses
Gerard P. LaVecchia Jr., 42, of 3102 Waterville Place, Charleston, S.C., and Sara L. McCaughtry, 28, of same.
Jay L. Gordon, 36, of 232 Granada Ave., Youngstown, and Amy Jo Reese, 32, of same.
Nicky Terlecky, 50, of 985 Kirwin Drive, Youngstown, and Mary F. Cannon, 49, of same.
Todd A. Mariani, 39, of Youngstown, and Nicole Centofanti, 26, of Mineral Ridge.Russell K. Sigworth, 28, of Youngstown, and Kelly A. Pavlicko, 27, of Youngstown.
Arthur D. Woolensack, 34, of 4219A Kirk Road, Austintown, and Tonya R. Sonntog, 31, of same.
Joel E. Marquart, 25, of 441 Hillsdale Ave., Syracuse, N. Y., and Sarah M. Moore, 25, of 84 Inslee St., Bldg. 2-1, Waterloo, N.Y.
Divorces asked
Kimberly A. Zackasee, 487 Tenney Ave., Campbell, vs. Stephen E. Zackasee, P.O. Box 172, Leeontia.
Michele M. Wrimer Fidram, 62 Carter Circle, Apt. 3 vs. Iric James Fidram, 214 Melrose Ave., Youngstown.
Diane M. Craig, 53 Lakhani, Canfield, vs. John V. Craig 53 Lakhani, Canfield.
Dissolutions asked
Brenda A. Lambert, 910 W. Main St., Apt. A, Washingtonville, and James A. Lambert, 266 Main St., Leetonia.
New complaints
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Keith J. Fink et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. William Downy et al, foreclosure.
Paul E. Hippo et al to West Point Paving Inc. et al, complaint for personal injuries.
Wells Fargo Bank N. A. vs. Daniel L. Deemer et al, money, judgment, foreclosure and relief.
UMLIC VP LLC aka United Mortgage & amp; Loan Investment LL vs. Cecil L. Boulton Jr., et al, money.
Qualchoice Inc. vs. John Doe, complaint.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Liza M. Alvarado et al, money, judgment, foreclosure and relief.
First Place Bank vs. James J. Chopp et al, complaint with notice under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
Wells Fargo Bank National Association as trustee vs. Bonnie L. Durkin et al, foreclosure.
Chase Home Finance LLC vs. Marlene J. Weicht et al, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Bank successor vs. Jean D. Riddell et al, foreclosure.
GMAC Mortgage Corp. vs. Thomas A. Sizemore et al, foreclosure.
Barbara Milton vs. Joseph Stanislav, complaint.
James Simons Jr., Administrator of the Estate of Cinthia Simons, deceased et al vs. Forum Health Northside Medical Center et al, medical malpractice and wrongful death.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Roger L. Elliot et al, foreclosure.
State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency vs. Au. Autumn Industries Inc., complaint.
State of Ohio Department of Taxation vs. On Target Printing Inc., compliant.
Brian Gorby vs. Rachel L. Markle, complaint with jury demand interrogatories motion to produce document.
Great Seneca Financial Corp. vs. Daniel J. Rodriquez, money.
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. et al vs. Willia B. Bowman, complaint.
Joseph J. Rossi vs. Sharon Steel Corp. et al, notice of appeal.
George Bodnar vs. LTV Steel Co. Inc., et al, Notice of Appeal, Bureau of Workers Compensation.
Fortune Abrom vs. LTV Steel Co. Inc., et al, Bureau of Workers' Compensation notice of appeal.
Ohio Department of Taxation vs. Sherron L. Jackson, dba Bountiful Basket, money.
Ohio Division of Parole vs. Paul Zigerella, complaint.
Ohio Department of Taxation vs. Michael J. Popovec dba Cornersburg News Center, complaint.
Lori Crowl vs. Molly J. Naylor, complaint-motor vehicle.
Sarenda Whitted vs. Kevin L. Hunter et al, money.
JP Morgan Chase Bank N. A., vs. Debra Miller et al, foreclosure.
Michael D. Smith vs. Amanda M. Brown et al, complaint.
Real estate transfers
Michael Nicholson to Tracy Craig, Boardman Twp., $70,000.
Vicki L. Keene to Anthony L. Griffin, Canfield Twp., $87,500.
Ronald C.Bailey et al to Sean Bailey et al, Salem, $140,000.
Green Tree Servicing LLC to The Starner Family Trust et al, Lake Milton, $27,000.
Robert J. Dominco et al to Chad Vick et al, Struthers, 94,500.
Barth & amp; Richardson Management Ltd. to Latessa Construction Ltd., Springfield Twp.,$34,000.
John Kozik et al to Christine Esenbaughm, Youngstown, $48,970.
Demidovich to Heltzel, Poland Twp., $160,000.
Jeff D. Latessa et al to Jeffrey B. Lornzini, North Lima, $350,000.
Darla R. Gazdak to Terri K. Becker,Youngstown, $35,000.
John Hruby et al to Bernardo Rivera, Campbell, $43,000.
Syed A. Wahab et al to Diem Nguyen, Boardman Twp., $140,000.
UDE of Timberbrook Clingan Ltd. Partnership to Nancy D. Woodman, Struthers, $183,280.
Robert P. Yougken to Alan D. Hardy, Youngstown, $50,000.
Sean Trickett to Stewart E. Bissell Jr. et al, Berlin Center, $172,850.
James Phelan to Scott Ortenzio, Boardman Twp., $85,000.
Rafael Cobero to Joel Martinez et al, Youngstown, $28,000.
Charles F. Hustetter Jr. et al to Ronald Lofaro, Boardman Twp., $75,000.
Stefano Home Builders LLC to Donna J. DeNico trustee, Poland Twp., $42,000.
Angelilli Builders Inc. to Michael J. DeSimone et al, Poland Twp., $198,615.
Richard Carrere et al to Michael W. Davis, Village of Canfield, $58,000.
Rick J. Nittoli et al to Robert A. Welsh, Youngstown, $61,000.

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