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The union that represents 380 faculty members voted to go on strike effective at 12:01 a.m. today. Here are some facts about YSU faculty members.
Each must provide instruction to students and have office hours at least three days a week on campus. Not including finals week, that is 30 weeks a year. A faculty member could provide instruction for as little as 90 days a year. Bob Hogue, the faculty union's first vice president and chief spokesman, said the faculty spends countless hours preparing for classes, conducting research and academic studies and working at home.
Each gets 15 sick days a school year.
About 22 percent of the faculty union was on some sort of paid leave during the last school year for sabbaticals, faculty improvement leave, conducting research or running education centers. YSU President David C. Sweet sees this as a positive for the university because the knowledge obtained by faculty members is then shared with students. Faculty members receive full pay and benefits while on such leave.
While on strike, faculty members and those in the nonfaculty union do not receive any health or life insurance benefits from YSU.
The average faculty member earns $65,900 annually in base salary.
The average pay to faculty to teach one summer semester class is $7,500. About 85 percent of the faculty teaches summer classes.
Sources: YSU; faculty contract; faculty and nonfaculty staff

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