MARQUEE AWARDS Ceremony celebrates local drama

The winners were chosen from a pool of about 1,200 potential nominees.
The second annual Marquee Awards Celebration was held Saturday night at the Saxon Club in Youngstown, honoring the achievements of local theaters. Susan DeLeo and Glenn Stevens of WFMJ Channel 21 hosted the event.
"The awards grew out of a void left when the Youngstown Playhouse was struggling and canceled two years of Arthur Awards," said J.E. Ballantyne Jr., Youngstown Area Community Theatre Alliance president. "A group of us got together last year to create a new award to honor Playhouse people. This year we expanded it to include all area theaters."
The process of nominating and voting for the winners is a complicated process but one that the members proudly feel nearly eliminates all politics. The organizations involved include YACTA, entertainment critics from The Vindicator and a nominations committee of 14 members, soon to expand to 30.
YACTA is the governing body over the awards, and there is an administrative committee to run the event.
Compiling the results
The season runs from mid-July to mid-July, and those on the nominations committee attempt to see as many local productions as possible. At the end of the year, they rate every play, actor and tech person involved with every production on a 6-point basis, 0 to 5 (5 being best).
"Because so many people saw so many shows, the nominations were as unbiased as they could possibly be," said Ballantyne. "One actor may have gotten a 5 from one person, but only a 2 from another. The ratings were then averaged by the number of people who saw the show." He said 1,200 potential nominees were chosen, which were then narrowed down to the five best in each category. The results were then tallied by an outside accountant, Kevin Daley, who prepared the ballots. The final voting was done by the Awards Committees, members of YACTA and Vindicator critics.
Best Performance by Female Juvenile/Play: Jessie Dann, "Christmas Story"
Best Performance by Female Juvenile/Musical: Alexis Brogdan, "Legends"
Best Performance by Male Juvenile/Play: Samuel Horne, "Christmas Story"
Best Performance by Male Juvenile/Musical: Isaiah Hudson, "Legends"
Best Cameo Performance/Actor/Play: Chris Fidrim, "Breaking Legs"
Best Cameo Performance/Actor/Musical: Steven Flamino, "Wizard of Oz"
Best Cameo Performance/Actress/Play: Jocelyn Holt, "Seven Year Itch"
Best Cameo Performance/Actress/Musical: Leah Zahner, "Evita"
Best Female Ensemble Member: Nikita Jones, "Rocky Horror Show"
Best Male Ensemble Member: Jens Peterson, "Pajama Game"
Best Performance/Featured Actress/Play: Johnna Clark, "Fools"
Best Performance/Featured Actress/Musical: Chelsea Farthing, "Music Man"
Best Character Performance/Musical: Alan McCreary, "Wizard of Oz"
Best Character Performance/Play: Chris Fidrim, "Breaking Legs"
Best Performance/Featured Actor/Play: Glenn Stevens, "Block 5"
Best Performance/Featured Actor/Musical: Christopher Fidrim, "Rocky Horror Show"
Best Performance /Supp. Actress/Musical: Stephanie Ottey, "Rocky Horror Show"
Best Performance/Supp. Actress/Play: Barbara Evans, "Tale of Allergist's Wife" Revival
Best Performance/Supp. Actor/Musical: Jared P. McGrath, "Rocky Horror Show" Revival
Best Performance/Supp. Actor/Play: Tim McGinley, "Block 5"
Best Performance/Leading Actor/Play: Tom DePaola, "Brighton Beach Memoirs"; John Cox, "Block 5"
Best Performance/Leading Actress/Play: Molly Galano, "Brighton Beach Memoirs"
Best Performance/Leading Actress/Musical: Lesley Gent, "Evita"
Best Performance/Leading Actor/Musical: James McClellan, "Our Time"
Best Play of 2004/2005: "Brighton Beach Memoirs"
Best Musical of 2004/2005: "Rocky Horror Show"
Best Followspot Operator: Illa Wilson, "Our Time"
Best Properties Designer: Garry & amp; Johnna Clark, "Block 5"
Best Costume Designer: Pam Sacui, "Block 5"
Best Sound Design: Kontinuous Jams Media Group, "Block 5"
Best Sound Operation: Leslie Lewis, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change"
Best Lighting Designer: J.E. Ballantyne Jr., "Block 5"
Best Lightboard Operator: Brandon Martin, "Brighton Beach Memoirs;" Joyce Jones, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change"
Best Choreographer: Julie Garda, "Wizard of Oz"
Best Scenic Designer: Jim Lybarger, "Block 5"
Best Stage Manager: Becca Kopchak, "Smokey Joe's Cafe"
Best Special Theatrical Event: "Block 5"
Best Revival of a Play or Musical: "The Taffetas"
Best Director of a Play: J.E. Ballantyne Jr., "Block 5"
Best Director of a Musical: David Jendre, "Smokey Joe's Cafe"

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