Trumbull COUNTY

Marriage licenses
Richard L. Smith, 51, of 964 Maryland St., Warren, and Lucinda K. Whetstone, 48, of 434 Austin Ave.,Warren.
Keith S. Higgins, 32, of 180 N. River Road, # 24, Warren, and Teresa J. Cline, 40, of same.
Robert L. Donohue, 20, of 2238 Vernon Ave. N.W., Warren, and Nora L. Tenney, 18, of same.
Daniel W. Hanna, 23, of 751 Gaylord Ave., Masury, and Elaine E. Fluent, 22, of same.
Brock A. Brunstetter, 23, of 1362 Trumbull Ave., Warren, and Stephanie D. Priddy, 25, of same.
Dean Johnson, 36, of 2469 McMullen Allen Road, Newton Falls, and Nadene J. Manzo, 41, of same.
John Freudenrich III, 24, of 2235 Hewitt Gifford Road, Lordstown, and Cassandra R. Fenstermaker, 22, of 2550 Newton Falls Bailey Road, Warren.
Mathew Ezzo Jr., 37, of 6993 McClure Road, Hubbard, and Jonelle M. Koppel, 31, of same.
Shawn M. Sprague, 31, of 1876 Bonnie Brae N.E., Warren, and Kathleen R. Kovach, 27, of 209 Fairground Blvd., Canfield.
Joel J. Wood, 26, of 6401 31st St. South # 15, St. Petersburg, Fla., and Brittney K. Mariotti, 23, of 1440 Windward Way, Niles.
Stephen J. Garcar, 58, of 156 Cassandra Drive, Niles, and Marlene S. Lilley, 58, of same.
Charles W. OliverJr., 49, of 1838 Kinsman Road, North Bloomfield, and Nancy L. Clark, 63, of same.
Larry E. Newland Jr., 39, of 130 Lauder Ave., Champion, and Cassie S. Hinton, 22, of same.
Saul K. Custer, 22, of 8090 Pacific St., Masury, and Tiffany L. West, 21, of same.
Owen O. Miller, 25, of 10114 Bundysburg Road, Middlefield, and Linda A. Byler, 25, of 4945 Donley Road, Middlefield.
Ryan P. Gray, 27, of 116 Lafayette, Apt. A, Niles, and Christine L. Hamilton, 25, of same.
Terrell M. King, 20, of 622 Commerce Ave., Warren, and Heather M. Difford, 26, of same.
Todd R. Szabo, 35, of 3054 Elm Road, Cortland, and Laura A. Zirounis, 37, of 239 Melrose Ave.,Youngstown.
Don J. Wood, 69, of 3028 Sewanee Lane, Lexington, Ky. and Janet M. Akerly, 68, of 3609 Waynoka, Carrollton, Texas.
Daniel J. Mueller, 24, of 711 W. Wenger Road, #145 Englewood, and Gretchen A. Baytos, 24, of 3526 Kimberly Drive, Warren.
David W. Montgomery, 21, of 607 Ridge Road, Apt. 316, Newton Falls, and Sara N. Carter, 20, of same.
Fnu Ervianto, 40, of 616 High St., Warren, and Judy J. Adams, 35, of 905 Belvedere S.E., Warren.
Joshua M. Smith, 22, of 636 Braceville Robinson Road, Newton Falls, and Amy M. Lumpp, 25, of 345 Trumbull Drive, Niles.
James E. Rockman, 41, of 3450 Atlantic, Warren, and Kim M. Smith, 39, of same.
William V. Clary, 85, of 958 Greenville Road, Cortland, and Glarea V. Haley, 72, of 744 Greenville Road, Bristolville.
Michael P. Scott, 20, of 1470 Prospect St., Mineral Ridge, and Nicole R. Zuzolo, 19, of 1617 Robbins Ave., Niles.
Darren W. Reeder, 30, of 2242 Wood Lenhart S.W., Leavittsburg, and Christina L. Showers, 31, of same.
Jack J. Hinkle, 21, of 1582 Ogden N.W., Warren, and Rebecca J. Kelley, 22, of same.
Vincent Cavaliere, 37, of 2193 N. Glenwood Ave., Niles, and Renee A. Matteo, 36, of same.
Joseph P. Richmond, 26, of 2740 Fairview Ave., Warren, and Tamie L. Chicko, 34, of same.
Larry Kraszewski, 58, of 100 Lexington Ct., Apt. 3, Imperial, Pa., and Karen Hubbard, 53, of 771 Esther St., Warren.
Charles A. Stover, 32, of 854 Adams Ave. N.W., Warren, and Charlotte J. Pelton, 38, of same.
Rocco Sedall, 53, of 824 Sodom Hutchings Road S.E., Vienna, and
Manyang Chen, 45, of same.
Richard Francis, 44, of 1431 Pepperwood Dr., Niles, and Jill E. Younkins, 40, of 1205 Broadway Ave., Masury.
Steven A. Durst, 33, of 2056 Sharon Hogue Road, Masury, and Fay C. Dewberry, 41, of same.
Stephen Ellis, 49, of 2060 N. Park Ave., Warren, and Jacqueline L. Canty, 48, of same.
Jason E. Adams, 25, of 496 Highland Ave., Warren, and Sharika N. Gilmore, 25, of same.
James E. Haines Sr., 42, of 2671 Orchard Ave., Warren, and Samantha K. Haines, 38, of same.
Scott A. Libertino, 48, of 834 Adelaide N.E., Warren, and Robin L. Libertino, 49, of same.
Steven F. Mangin, 25, of 1079 North Ave., Girard, and Heather E. Bregar, 24, of same.
Robert C. Maylone, 45, of 276 E. College St., W. Farmington, and Denise R. Sipes, 42, of same.
William G. Ambrose, 42, of 8494 State St., Kinsman, and Cynthia M. Vilagi, 35, of same.
Michael A. Wheeler, 36, of 3030 Austintown Warren Road, Mineral
Ridge, and Kimberly A. Allen, 37, of same.
Richard L. Golden, 37, of 158 Linden Ave. N.E., Warren, and Alberta L. Lanham, 31, of same.
Michael L. Grinder Sr., 35, of 629 Chinnock Place N.E., Warren, and Christina R. Grinder, 32, of same.
Joe Cody Ward, 20, of 3234 Dove Dr., Warren, and Nicole M. Smith, 18, of same.
Michael A. Myers, 33, of 524 Newport Road, Wampum, Pa., and Joyce A. Shaffer, 30, of same.
Ronald J. Hrubik Jr., 27, of 139 Lauder Ave., Warren, and Jessica L. Shorts, 22, of same.
Garrick V. Willis, 26, of 107 E. Avondale Dr., Youngstown, and Destiny M. May, 23, of 786 Maple St., Warren.
Gilbert F. Blom Sr., 49, of 706 Brookfield, Masury, and April S. Loosemore, 40, of same.
Thomas A. Yount, 52, of 2295 Bazetta Road, Cortland, and Camala J. Pozega-Monroe, 42, of 210 Elruth Ct., Girard.
Steven E. Dillow, 46, of 2911 Rosemary, Southington, and Elizabeth N. Brewer, 41, of same.
Mohenad G. Itayim, 25, of 2760 Belmar Dr., Youngstown, and Sarab A. Atway, 21, of same.
Docket entries
Credit Based Asset vs. Carmen C. Fonce, foreclosure confirmation.
State of Ohio vs. Jacob C. Sprankle, granted probation for receiving stolen property.
State of Ohio vs. Chad Carroll, granted probation for felonious assault.
State of Ohio vs. Marvin J. Brown, granted probation for improper handling.
State of Ohio vs. Tamara Bonner, granted probation for drug abuse.
State of Ohio vs. Lynn Moody, granted probation for theft.
State of Ohio vs. Patricia A. Angelo, granted probation for forgery.

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