East Side man pleads innocent to four animal cruelty charges

An investigator had said she would file 16 more charges of animal cruelty.
CAMPBELL -- A 61-year-old East Side man pleaded innocent to four counts of animal cruelty at an arraignment Friday and was released on his own recognizance.
Edward Hall also pleaded innocent to three counts of improper disposal of raw rendering material, charges referring to not burying dead animals deep enough. A pretrial was set for Nov. 22.
Lorrie Byo, Animal Charity humane investigator, said about 40 live animals were found on Hall's property at 1334 Lansdowne Blvd., and about 40 others were found dead.
The animals included dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, pigeons and goats. Starving animals were also found on Hall's property at 6712 McGuffey Rd. in Coitsville, Byo said.
Byo had said she would file 16 charges of animal cruelty Friday, but no charges had been reported by the end of the workday. Byo could not be reached to comment further Friday evening.
Hall was arraigned Thursday on a related matter on two counts of failure to register vicious dogs and failure to confine vicious dogs.

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