GOVERNMENT OFFICES Phone glitch puts the public on hold

Sprint has been unable to determine what's wrong with the county government phones.
WARREN -- Most Trumbull County government offices have been experiencing telephone problems with no solution in sight.
The only exceptions have been the county 911 center in Howland and the Department of Jobs and Family Services in Warren.
Linda Sypert, county data processing director, said Thursday that the problem has been intermittent for about a week and a half. County employees can call out from their offices and communicate internally from one office to another, but the public has trouble getting through.
"I don't know when it will be fixed," said Denny Kane, business service manager with Sprint, county government telephone provider. The problem, he added, hasn't been identified.
Sprint technicians were on the third floor of the administration building Thursday afternoon attempting to identify the problem.
Sypert asked those who cannot get through to a county office to continue dialing.
"It's an intermittent problem. You have to keep calling," she said.
She pointed out that the county's computer system is functioning fine, but county Recorder Diana Marchese said she was unable to access the Internet on Thursday.
A corrections officer at the county jail said Sprint's telephones there also were not working.
Sypert said the phone system "went down hard" about 5 p.m. Monday, after most county offices closed.
The problem was repaired by Sprint, she explained, by 1:30 a.m. Tuesday. The system was working until about 1 p.m. Thursday when it was noticed that only internal government calls were ringing into offices.
What's causing this
Sypert said she believes the problem lies with the circuits at Sprint's downtown Warren office.
There are four circuits that service 50 phones each. She explained that she believes two of the circuits are malfunctioning, putting stress on the two remaining circuits because of the volume of incoming calls they must handle.
Sypert said the phone technology in use is fairly new and that Sprint and its customers are finding glitches in the system and learning how to repair them.
After the county system is repaired, Sypert said, she and her staff will get together with Sprint representatives to develop an emergency phone plan.
Sypert said she wants to be able to call Sprint anytime and get a response immediately.

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