COURTS Discovery of dead animals leads to 16 cruelty charges

The defendant also faces charges in Campbell Municipal Court.
YOUNGSTOWN -- As many as 16 animal cruelty charges were to be filed today against 61-year-old Edward Hall, whose East Side property was strewn with dead and nearly dead animals, an investigator says.
Lorrie Byo, Animal Charity humane investigator, said Thursday that there was a scramble to house nearly 40 live animals found at 1334 Lansdowne Boulevard. She said roughly 40 more were found dead.
Byo said Hall had a mixture of live and dead dogs, cats, chickens, pigeons, rabbits and goats. Large goats were in small pens with no food or water, she said.
A pigeon coop had one live pigeon and so many dead an accurate count wasn't immediately known, she said.
Byo said she would file 16 animal cruelty charges in municipal court today, maybe more.
Added charges
In a related matter, Hall was in court Thursday for arraignment on two counts of failure to register vicious dogs and failure to confine vicious dogs. Dave Nelson, deputy dog warden, said the dogs are pit bulls.
Hall pleaded innocent and will be back in court Sept. 2 for a pretrial.
As Hall began to leave court Thursday, he was arrested on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court for a domestic violence charge. Byo said Hall, who visited her Thursday afternoon, was released from jail pending arraignment in the domestic violence case because he has a doctor's appointment today.
Hall, who also has property at 6712 McGuffey Road in Coitsville, was to be arraigned today in Campbell Municipal Court on four counts of animal cruelty and four counts of improper disposal of raw rendering material. The latter charges refer to not burying dead animals deep enough.
Byo said Hall had starving animals at the McGuffey Road property.

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