There are other views of the Canfield flooding problem

There are other views of the Canfield flooding problem
This letter is to correct errors in the Canfield flooding article. I speak with professional credentials equal to those of the hired guns employed by S.H.H.A to prevent progress and corrective action to reduce flooding in the Indian Run drainage area. For the record I am a registered architect involved in design/construction for over 40 years while residing in this neighborhood since 1976. In addition I have a vested interest as I have been flooded three times along with two thirds of the other Jamison Place residents flooded when the Jamison Storm System was backed up due to Indian Run overload. This flooding would not have occurred with the proposed detention pond in place.
The first major error is the classification of the area as a dedicated park. Any knowledgeable property purchaser should know this "gift to the community" was merely a device for the developer to get out from under unbuildable land and its attendant responsibilities. The exaggeration that the neighbors take care of this "pristine park" is laughable. If they are caring for the park, let them explain the dump quality of their care. I have documented with photos to the trustees, the 20 to 30 tires, various lawn furniture, bicycles and other trash, not to mention the landscaping debris they can't bag and dispose of properly.
Oh, yes, let us not forget the 10 to 12 Christmas tree skeletons. As for the "wetlands," this is an academic stretch. Also, the century old trees are dying from root rot caused by poor drainage and saturated soils. As for the chain link gate, a plowed road and no trees, I don't know what plans they are looking at. The route into the area for maintenance is to weave through the trees and the gate has yet to be designed. In addition, the current plans call for a pond limited to less than one of the three total acres. It is a depression not a "hole" and will maintain existing trees within 100 feet of the perimeter properties' rear lot line, not "gut the trees."
Finally, admittedly the volume of water seems small, it still adds up when it hits Indian Run. Ask the families that were flooded.
Press ran with propaganda designed to undercut Arafat
It is now a rule in heaven, I am sure, that whenever an American journalist dies, the first thing he or she is required to do is to apologize to Yasser Arafat for all the lies that were spread about him.
Contrary to public opinion created by a campaign of disinformation and psychological warfare, there was never a grain of truth to the allegations of corruption or of involvement in terrorism levied against Arafat. The truth is that in Arafat, Israel and its co-conspirator, America, had a peacemaker of the caliber of Mandela and Gorbachev. Instead of taking advantage of this blessed opportunity they chose to undermine and destroy his reputation.
It is a shame that American reporters and newspeople have never bothered to look into these accusations with honesty and truthfulness. Instead they parrot the lies again and again, basically fulfilling the same role that TASS or Pravda played in the former Soviet Union. Yes, of course, we have freedom in this country, but if it is not used or not used correctly or honestly, what is the point?
That is why there is today no peace in the Middle East. With better judgment that peace would be there today and Americans and Iraqis would not be dying every day.