Marriage licenses
Michael D. Brooks, 40, 3628 Neilson, Youngstown, and Sophia J. Jones, 34, of same.
Jimmie J. Funk, 27, of 103 W. Texas Ave., Sebring, and Sherri L. Ludwig, 34, of same.
Bradley S. Smith, 27, of 2176 Renwick Drive, Poland, and Mary L. Schiraldi, 25, of 6040 Glenridge, Boardman.
Thomas M. Nurkiewicz, 30, of 519 Santa Monica, Youngstown, and Michelle M. Shodin, 26, of 3632 Monaca Ave., Youngstown.
Larry E. Graham, 55, of 3905 Kirk Road, Youngstown, and Pamela L. Fuzer, 47, of same.
Robert R. Lochrane, 26, of 33 Spring St., Struthers, and Doreen L. Wallace, 28, of same.
Steven M. Tigelman Jr., 23, of 117 Beechwood Drive, Boardman, and Josalyn A. Stewart, 18, of 125 Shadyside Drive, Boardman.
Edison D. Coryea, 54, of 5628 Anthos Ct., Boardman, and Patricia A. Vaughn, 54, of same.
Divorces asked
Correction: Patricia A. Carnes, 815 Cornell St., Youngstown, vs. John A. Susak, 945 Campbell St., Youngstown.
New complaints
Theresa Chapman vs. Albert Miles and Evelyn Miles; money in excess of $50,000.00 with costs and jury demand.
General Motors Acceptance Corp. vs. Margaret Malvasi; replevin with costs.
ABN Amro Mortgage Group Inc. vs. David Cole, c/o Patricia Boldt, Guardian Children and Family Services Inc.; Jane Doe, whose real name is unknown, spouse of David Cole; John Doe, whose real name is unknown, occupant, 420 8th St., Struthers; Mahoning County Treasurer and First Place Bank; foreclosure of mortgage, $27,650.24 with int. and costs.
Navy Federal Credit Union vs. Le A. Whinery; Jean M. Whinery; Sky Bank; Mahoning County Treasurer and John Doe, whose real name is unknown, occupant, 2085 S Hubbard Road, Lowellville; foreclosure of mortgage, $56,850.99 with int. and costs.
First Horizon Home Loan Corp. and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., c/o First Horizon Home Loan Corp. vs. Albert R. Gifford; Linda L. Gifford and Mahoning County Treasurer; foreclosure of mortgage, $63,238.70 with int. and costs.
Larese R. Jones vs. Frank Rutherford; stalking.
NCO Portfolio Management Inc., successor in interest to Creditrust Inc..... vs. Alexis Rivera; money, $2,062.95 with int. and costs.
MBNA America Bank NA vs. Michelle Pittman, aka Michelle Lynn Pittman, aka Michelle L. Roudabush; money, $8,461.40 with int. and costs.
Sherrie Weber; Walter Weber; Tavish Lipford, a minor by and through his mother and next friend, Sherree Weber and Stormy Lipford, a minor by and through his mother and next friend, Sherree Weber vs.. Jeremiah W. Mount and Connie S. Mount; money in excess of $25,000.00 with int. and costs.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Zainub Atooli and Unknown spouse of Zainub Atooli; foreclosure of mortgage, $12,953.78 with int. and costs. Tracey K. Ashley vs. Philip Gargoline; Philip Gargoline, dba Duncan Lakes Michael Kish; money in excess of $25,000.00 with int., costs and jury demand.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Samuel Booker; Unknown spouse of Samuel Booker; Joe W. Booker; Unknown spouse of Joe W. Booker; Lawson Booker III and Unknown spouse of Lawson Booker III, et al; foreclosure of mortgage, $18,334.10 with int. and costs.
David Kermec vs. Giant Eagle Inc., c/o Statutory Agent, CSC Lawyer Incorporating Service and Admr., Bureau of Workers' Comp; notice of appeal and jury demand.
Nancy I. Kirk vs. J. R. Mikolich M.D. Inc., dba Diagnostic Cardiology Associates LLC and Admr., Bureau of Workers' Comp; notice of appeal.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Jerry J. Scott; Maxine J. Scott; Unknown Tenant or Land Contract Vendee; Citizens Financial Services Inc., c/o P.V. Hathhorn, its Statutory Agent and Household Realty Corp., c/o CT Corporation Systems, its Statutory Agent; foreclosure of mortgage, $19,260.14 with int. and costs.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Lillian W. Ferguson; Unknown spouse of Lillian W. Ferguson; City of Youngstown, Division of Water; foreclosure, $9,406.76 with int. and costs.
Certified Developers & amp; Management Ltd. vs. William G. Pinter, dba Pinter's Homemade Food & amp; Ice Cream; money, $74,225.13 with int. and costs.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Curtis McMullen and Unknown spouse of Curtis McMullen; foreclosure of mortgage, $12,965.03 with int. and costs.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Kathryn J. Duke; Unknown spouse of Kathryn J. Duke; State of Ohio Department of Taxation and Western Reserve Care System; foreclosure of mortgage, $9,958.06 with int. and costs.
Laura Stafford vs. Progressive Casualty Insurance Company; money, $25,000.00 with int., costs and jury demand.
First National Bank of Pennsylvania, successor in interest to The Metropolitan Savings Bank vs. Edward J. Ochman; Unknown spouse if any of Edward J. Ochman; Joyce M. Ochman; Unknown spouse if any of Joyce M. Ochman and Mahoning County Treasurer; foreclosure of mortgage, $8,139.89 with int. and costs.
Real estate
Vickie L. Eells Carman to Jacqueline D. Johnson, Sebring, $115,000.
Richard Marinelli et al to Alan Jacobs et al, Boardman Twp., $315,000.
Betty J. Didur to David R. Didur et al, North Jackson, $59,448.
Eugene H. Lippiatt et al to Baird Family Ltd. Partnership, Berlin Twp., $205,578.
Neo and Bailey Investments to Mae L. Thomas, Youngstown, $63,000.
W. Keith Duganne et al to Christine M. Gardner, Boardman Twp., $85,000.
Sherre L. Jaeger et al to William S. Turisk et al, Youngstown, $60,000.
Carolyn Horvatich to Hood Maintenance Group LLC, Youngstown, $9,300.
Lora Resch McNutt et al to Meghan Orrens, Struthers, $62,500.
Harold C. Detchon to David W. Kurpil et al, Sebring, $90,000.
John P. Kolmacic et al to Theodore D. Swanson et al, Poland Twp., $184,000.
Michelle R. Bindas et al to Deann E. Price, Youngstown, $48,900.
Dagmar Lubonovich to Charles F. Davis et al, Youngstown, $38,500.
Steven P. Mesarida Jr. et al to Kenneth Adams, Youngstown, $65,000.
Thomas J. Wilkins Jr. to Frank Loffredo et al, Boardman Twp., $20,000.
Richard S. Fubio III et al to Jennifer R. Unger, Boardman Twp., $135,000.
Edmund J. Harsney et al to Jennie A. Waldo, Austintown Twp., $65,000.
Robert W. Toth et al to Joseph Burrows, Austintown Twp., $70,000.
David G. Ohl to Dennis G. Kopnisky et al, Austintown Twp., $78,000.
Kenneth R. Rogers Jr. to Marall F. Atello, Austintown Twp., $133,000.
Patricia D. Metzler to Arthur A. Averell, Boardman Twp., $62,000.
Richard C. Gage et al to Tamara L. Klingensmith, Struthers, $70,750.
Sylvia M. Janosov et al to Leigh A. Ellis et al, Austintown Twp., $109,900.
Thomas G. Dripps et al to Robert E. Owen et al, Canfield Twp., $161,000.
Don A. Snavely et al to Michael P. Paterchak et al, Canfield, $215,000.
Michael Pettola et al to Robert E. Calvert, Austintown Twp., $78,000.
John Sweetko to Jefferson Smith, Struthers, $39,000.
US Bank NA as trustees to Brandon Bower et al, Youngstown, $49,000.
Janet Davanzo et al to John Donofrio et al, Lowellville, $30,000.
Debra M. Bowell to William C. Payne et al, Boardman Twp., $268,000.
Andrew W. Tarian to Ronald J. Kaschak et al, Austintown Twp., $132,500.
BKC Enterprises Ltd. to Flor Navarro, trustee et al, Boardman Twp., $305,000.
Timothy V. Burke et al to Stephen D. Sylak, Canfield, $154,900.
Anthony Santoro et al to Darlene DelFlore, Coitsville Twp., $3,000.
David Clark to Sarita King, Youngstown, $14,651.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Clinton R. and Patricia L. Hoopes, 112 Redwood, Beloit, retired; she: inspector, Black Hawk Plastics; liabilities, $53,544.13; assets, $24,495.
Gwendolyn Corpening, aka Gwen Corpening, 510 Kendis Circle B, Youngstown, not employed; liabilities, $82,975.36; assets $600.
Thomas A. and Kathleen A. Davis, 4661 Lockwood Blvd., Youngstown, he: superintendent, United Local School District; she: unemployed; liabilities, $186,561.57; assets, $100,440.
John C. David, 3690 Claridge Dr., Youngstown , spa service technician, Litehouse Pools; liabilities, $28,285.28; assets $4,770.
Geneva Lynnette Javey, aka Geneva L. Javey, aka Geneva Javey, 32 W. Avondale, Youngstown, St. Elizabeth Health Center; liabilities, $13,540.87; assets, $2,650.
John W. and Lynn Ann Corbley, fka Lynn Ann Danks, aka Lynn Ann Danks-Corbley, 443 Oak Ave., Boardman, he: unemployed; she: director of rehabilitation, Washington Square Healthcare; liabilities, $207,139.27; assets, $147,373.
Vincent Kandic, 8270 Southern Blvd. #6, Youngstown, unemployed, liabilities, $53,660.45; assets, $5,550.
Donna J. Gillam, aka Donna J. Natyshak, 2440 Vollmer Dr., Youngstown, dentist asst., Dr. Gary T. Hubbard DDS); liabilities, $15,250.91; assets, $7,825.
Jonathan D. Dunn, 406 Hyatt Ave., Campbell, laborer, Astro Shapes; liabilities, $18,862.; assets, $1,505.
Irma C. Seibert, aka Mickey Seibert, 7172 Locust #5, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $18,693.12; assets, $2,399.23.
Nimela N. Alamin, 4653 Woodhurst Dr., Apt 1, Youngstown, STNA, Briarfield; liabilities, $19,108.55; assets, $5,400.
Joseph J. and Kathleen M. Gerlecky, 941 Parkview Ave., Youngstown, he: truck driver, AT Systems; she: cashier, Sparkle Market; liabilities, $78,714.65; assets, $22,216.
Joshua A. Rhoads, 448 Sixth St., Struthers, general laborer, Employee Leasing; liabilities, $16,840.35; assets, $1,760.
Jeffrey L. Marshall, 220 S. Dunlap, Youngstown, press operator, Mere Wallace; liabilities, $87,631.90; assets, $58,750.
Anthony J. and Henrietta Lawrence, 227 Hamrock Dr.., Campbell, he: retired, General Motors; she: unemployed; liabilities, $105,852.59; assets, $69,050.
William and Diana Nelle, 465 Maplewood Ave., Struthers, he: fabricator, General Extrusions; she: manager, Fiesta Hair; liabilities $174,981.15; assets, $91,620.
Robert and Andrea Neff, 60 Milton Ave., Youngstown, he: anesthesia tech, Sharon Regional Health Center; she: customer service rep, Ohio Utilities Protection Services; liabilities, $118,141.68; assets, $64,070.
Patricia M. Hunter, 245 S. Truesdale, Youngstown, not employed; liabilities, $56,073.63; assets, $600.
Laura Gardner, 76 Stacy Dr., New Middletown, unit director, Belmont Pines Hospital; liabilities, $257,652.47; assets, $92,758.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
James P. Jr. and Janet Booth, 475 S. Hillside Dr., Canfield, he: machinist, City Machine Technology; she: secretary, Forum Health; liabilities, $168,470.93; assets, $99,915.
Sheryl A. Fisher, 3786 Choice Ct., Youngstown, customer service, Sky Bank; liabilities, $22,676.65; assets, $17,735.
Dorothy Ann Malmfeldt, 92 Edgewater Dr., Youngstown, toll collector, Ohio Turnpike Commission; liabilities, $116,042.76; assets, $114,517.38.
Fred and Brenda Bellito, 4133 Kirk Road, Youngstown, he: quality control inspector, Warren Fabricating Corp.; she: office manager, Kernan Insurance & amp; Financial Service; liabilities, $210,801.43; assets, $101,567.
Raymond and Nellie Amill, aka Nilz Amill, 190 Struthers Liberty Road, Campbell, he: edger, Cubbison Company; she: unemployed; liabilities,, $30,812.70; assets, $21,403.
Cleveland III and Katrina King, 978 Ottawa Drive, Youngstown, he: Admin. manager, Calvary Ministries; she: homemaker; liabilities, $143,721.03; assets, $131,850.
Kevin and Wanda Dierkes, 3725 S Bailey Road, North Jackson, he: process tech, Lexington Connector Seals; she: office clerk, Stadium Chevrolet; liabilities, $187,546.60; assets, $185,853.82.
Anna M. McIntyre and Lester U. McIntyre, 15 Deeringwood D, New Middletown, he: retired; she: retired; liabilities, $87,545.06; assets, $76,163.
Eric L. and Keesha L. Lofton, 3528 Powersway, Youngstown, he: driver, C.C.S. Trans.; she: nurse aid, Mahoning Valley Hospital; liabilities, $75,200.

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