Cops have kids clean neighbor's egged house

YOUNGSTOWN -- Four Cooper Street kids who egged a neighbor's house and got caught cleaned up the mess Tuesday afternoon with a police escort.
The house in the 2600 block had eggs smashed all over the porch and driveway. Neighbors who saw what happened identified five kids who live on the street. One was not found.
The mother of four of the kids refused to come out of her house and speak to police, reports show. The officers entered and told the woman that the neighbor wanted her egged house to be cleaned. Police stood by as the children -- ages 12, 6, 8 and 9 -- cleaned the eggs away.
Their father then drove up demanding that his children come home. He was told not until they were done and to sit back in his car or leave.
The father sat in his car saying the kids had done nothing and that all police are pigs and no good, reports show.
The woman whose house was egged and others on the street said there's always problems with the kids.

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