Policy lets students play multiple sports

Students must declare a primary and secondary sport.
GREENFORD -- Student-athletes at South Range High School may, at their coaches' discretion, participate in more than one sport a season.
The school board, at its monthly meeting Monday, adopted a new policy that allows the coaches to decide whether a student may participate in two sports simultaneously.
Superintendent Jim Hall explained the new policy does not encourage a student's participation in two sports at the same time but "allows it to be possible."
He said the situation has not yet been a concern at the high school, but he recommended the school board adopt the new policy before it becomes an issue.
"We haven't really had enough sports in the past for this to be an issue," he said. "But with the expansion of our athletic department, it could become something that comes up more frequently. It's better to decide in advance than to make [the policy] up as we go along."
The policy requires each student athlete to notify the district's athletic director and the coaches of each sport the student intends to participate.
The student must declare a primary and secondary sport. The coaches of both sports must agree to the feasibility of the request and grant permission for the student to participate in both.
If allowed to participate in two sports, the student is required to attend all events associated with the primary sport unless the coach excuses the athlete from the activity.
Otherwise, the student athlete may only participate in the secondary sport when not engaged in events associated with the primary sport.
Hall said the policy applies to the high school, but administrators expect the middle school to create a similar policy and present it to the school board for adoption.

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