Youngstown State
YSU officials say members of the striking Association of Classified Employees earn, on average, 12.6 percent more than those in the area who do comparable jobs. ACE negotiators counter that their members earn, on average, about 10 percent less than those in the area who do similar work. Below are the lowest and highest annual salaries in certain classifications earned by ACE members before Tuesday's strike.
Secretary: $26,021; $40,810.
Administrative assistant: $33,550; $61,838.
Clerical specialist: $24,918; $30,014.
Building maintenance supervisor: $36,067; $43,555.
Maintenance repair worker: $26,978; $32,906.
Library media technical assistant: $34,694; $37,419.
Student services counselor: $35,859; $39,458.
Electronic technician: $35,714; $45,760.
Groundskeeper: $32,781; $37,544.
Source: YSU Classified Civil Service Study

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