It's time for taxpayers to act in school funding crisis

It's time for taxpayers to act in school funding crisis
Our legislators should resign, en masse, so we can put people in office willing to obey the mandate of the Ohio Supreme Court. The court has ruled repeatedly that the method of funding Ohio's schools is illegal. I do not understand why the court has not brought contempt charges against the legislators for ignoring their order to fix it.
The legislators are playing games with our children's future -- they are "working" on a solution, but it seems to be a job that never gets done.
School districts are finding it increasingly hard to pass levies, even with the cries of "we have to cut programs, we have to cut teachers, we have to cut out busing, sports, etc.," and the ultimate cry of "fiscal emergency."
What does it take to wake up our legislators? In my opinion, a complete boycott of all school levies and any and all school income tax requests put on the ballot is needed. As long as we are willing to be intimidated into passing these measures the state will never act.
I have lived in the Mahoning County for nearly 76 years and have been a home owner for 52 of those years and have paid my property taxes in addition to the 1 percent income tax that was passed twice in our district. That is like adding insult to injury.
I have espoused a state income tax for school support for years -- however, I never asked for it in addition to property tax; it should be in place of it. We are now paying double in our district.
I would like to see everyone in the state refuse to pay the portion of their property tax that is for school funding -- after all, it is illegal. So, why are we paying it?
Finally, instead of wringing our hands and bemoaning the sad state of our schools, speak out and demand the legislators come up with a fair and equitable method of funding instead of sitting in Columbus thumbing their collective noses at the courts and "we the people."
New Springfield
Volunteering is a great way to enjoy softball tournament
What a fantastic week July 24-30 was when the P.O.N.Y Girls Fastpitch Softball Finals came to our area -- Hubbard, Liberty, Vienna, Warren, Bazetta, and Lordstown.
I had the privilege and pleasure of volunteering to help with a part of the work that was needed. There were many volunteers and the result was very successful. I talked to people who drove here from Connecticut and New Jersey. They were impressed with the facilities and the organization of the games.
We hosted several thousand people who boosted the local economy and they had the opportunity to see how great our communities are. We expect to host these games next year and I urge people to volunteer next year to help, to see these great athletes play. And you should have the opportunity to meet the real heroes of the whole event, Dave and Marie Anderson who operate the Thunderplex in Vienna.
Don't forget the Navy
As a former Marine veteran of World War II, I must come to the aid of the U.S. Navy. Lord knows it came to our aid often enough then.
I follow today's war with a great deal of interest and, as is often stated, it is a different kind of war. One basic fact underlying all wars is the killing fields cover land, sea and air.
The news coverage given to the ground forces and air support is rightly deserved, but the coverage given to the U.S. Navy is very little. Would that the news media would focus a segment of its reporting on the Navy's role in the war, and the future of the Navy.
My late brother Melvin served in the Navy. Let me quote his definition of a Marine. "He's a sailor with his brains burned out." He said it affectionately.
Long may "Anchors Aweigh" and "Semper Fidelis" stand as mottos.