Couple say they were victims of car jacking

YOUNGSTOWN -- A West Evergreen Ave. couple who said they were the victims of an Aug. 5 car jacking reported the crime Monday after recognizing one of the alleged car jackers.
The man said he did not report the crime immediately after it occurred because his girlfriend said they could find the stolen van on their own. The man said he decided to make the report Monday because he was able to give police the license number of the car the alleged car jacker was driving.
The couple said several black males approached their car about 9:30 p.m. Aug. 5 and demanded they get out. One of the men put a gun to the male driver's head, and he and his girlfriend got out of the car, the couple said. Still at gunpoint, the couple surrendered their jewelry and money and were forced to lie face down on the grass while the men drove away in their van.

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