TRUMBULL COMMISSIONERS Waterline discussions highlight next meeting

A majority of residents in the area must approve the installation.
HUBBARD -- Trumbull County commissioners will soon decide whether a new waterline will be installed in the Ruth Street area of the township.
According to county sanitary engineer Gary Newbrough, the proposed waterline would run along Ruth, Club and James streets from state Route 7. Residents on those streets currently use well water.
"Those residents petitioned the county for us to bring water to them. My office had to make every effort to bring water to them and we can't do that now; there is no line in front of those homes," Newbrough said.
There are 11 homes and five vacant lots on the three streets the proposed line would service. Newbrough said more than 80 percent of those living on the streets signed a petition to install the waterline.
Commissioners will hold a meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 14 in the township hall to hear any concerns from residents and determine whether the line will be installed.
Majority needed
Officials need 51 percent approval from affected residents to go forward with the installation. Those who do not voice an opinion will be considered to be in favor of the installation, Newbrough said.
According to Newbrough, those living on the three streets will not be required to tie into the system. All property owners on the three streets, however, will be required to pay an assessment of about $65 per foot of property frontage should the line installation be approved, he said. The average lot on the streets has about 100 feet of frontage, Newbrough said.
Residents in the area will be informed of their estimated individual assessment fee.
Should it be approved, those who do tap into the system, Newbrough said, will also be required to pay a tap-in fee of about $720. He said those tapping into the system will also have to either cap their wells or install a back-flow prevention mechanism to prevent the well water from mixing with the line water.
Newbrough said residents of the Ruth Street area are encouraged to attend the meeting in September.

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