Oysters are showing up on more menus

So you've finally decided on a restaurant. You carefully select a wine and an entree. You think you can relax. Well, not yet.
At certain dining spots across the country, you still have to choose your raw oyster.
The Wall Street Journal says many restaurants now offer an array of oysters. What about Raspberry Points, Kumanoto or Beau Soleil? Seablue in Las Vegas sells more than 100 kinds with 10 on a menu at a given time. Prices generally run from $1.25 to $8.
Waiters are trained to offer guidance, but it's also an opportunity to show off your culinary savvy in front of your guests. Restaurants see another plus in boosting the bottom line. Markup, WSJ reports, is about 300 percent.
Times change. Remember when the big question used to be, "Is it safe to eat oysters here?"

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