If this is your freshman year, you may not have a clue what you'll need for your dorm room. Here are

If this is your freshman year, you may not have a clue what you'll need for your dorm room. Here are 12 must-haves from Anne Evans of Linens 'N Things, and Noemi Villani of Bed, Bath & amp; Beyond.
Mattress pad and feather bed: Dorm mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable. You'll need a mattress pad and something to cushion your body such as a waffle pad, foam mattress topper or feather bed.
Sheets: Check your dorm to see what size you'll need. Most have beds that require extra long sheets, 5 inches longer than a standard twin bed.
Pillows: One or two for sleeping and some throw pillows for cuddling.
Towels: You'll need at least two sets in case one is still wet and you need to take another shower.
Towel rack: Towels need someplace to dry. One of the best options is an over-the-door rack, which won't take up any floor space.
Area rug: The rug can cover a yucky floor and coordinate the rest of your room decor.
Surge protector: Don't forget this essential to protect your computer equipment against power surges.
Easy storage: Rooms are small, so vertical storage is best. Look for a vertical bookcase or crates that can be stacked as bedside tables or be arranged in different configurations.
Shower tote: Totes have come a long way from the plastic bucket days. They come in bright colors with sections so your shampoo and soap don't slip around. Look for one with holes so the water can drain out.
Task lighting: You'll need a desk lamp for reading and writing. Those with an adjustable gooseneck allow you to focus on your work.
Hamper: Forget the old laundry bags. This essential has come a long way, including pop up hampers with wheels and a carrying strap.
Ironing stuff: Yes, you may actually have to iron something. Buy a collapsible ironing board and an iron.
Source: Knight Ridder Newspapers

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