GOODYEAR BLIMP| Details Facts about the Spirit of Goodyear, one of three blimps in the Goodyear fleet:

Length: 192 feet
Width: 50 feet
Weight: 10,000 pounds, plus the blimp can carry about 2,000 pounds.
Maximum speed: 55 mph
Cruising speed: 25 to 35 mph
Height: Normally 1,000 to 1,500 feet, although the National Football League requires it to be 3,000 feet high or three miles away from stadiums.
Photography: For sporting events, a device holds a camera that drops from the side of the blimp. It is controlled from the inside by remote control.
Carrying capacity: Up to seven people, including one of the four pilots who alternate trips.
Ground crew: 16 people to assist with takeoffs and landings and a public relations worker.
Support vehicles: The blimp travels with a tractor-trailer rig that houses maintenance supplies and spare parts, a bus for the crew and a utility van.
Source: Goodyear

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