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"Seymour Slug Starts School" by Carey Armstrong-Ellis (Abrams, $14.95, ages 4-8).
Seymour has a fairy slugmother who tries to help him on his first day of school, but he soon realizes that he's on his own.
"Henry's 100 Days of Kindergarten" by Nancy Carlson (Viking, $15.99, ages 3 and up).
To kindergartners, 100 days is a long time. On Day 1, they might color some pictures and print some letters; by Day 100, they know enough math to be able to divide 100 jellybeans evenly between 20 students.
"T is for Teacher: A School Alphabet" by Steven L. Layne and Deborah Dover Layne, and illustrated by Doris Ettlinger (Sleeping Bear Press, $16.95, ages 3 and up).
A tour of a typical school includes B for books, L for librarians and V for vowels. This book also might appeal to older children who are already familiar with the daily routine. Each page offers more in-depth descriptions of the featured item. For example, on the F for Flag page, young readers will learn that the Pledge of Allegiance, done facing the flag, was written by Francis Bellamy in 1892.
"Sammy the Classroom Guinea Pig" by Alix Berenzy (Henry Holt, $16.95, ages 5-9).
Sammy isn't his usual bouncy self one Monday morning and the kids in the classroom are worried. Turns out that after a weekend of hunkering down in his little house, he needs a little attention.
"When the Library Lights Go Out" by Megan McDonald and illustrated by Katherine Tillotson (Athenium, $16.95, ages 3-6).
When children go home for the day, their favorite puppets come out to play in all the nooks and crannies of the library.
"School" by Emily Arnold McCully (HarperCollins, $15.99, ages 2-5).
This is a reissue of a 1987 all-illustration book about little Bitty Mouse, who follows her brothers and sisters to school. For this printing, McCully has added simple text.
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