ALASKA At restaurant, it's a case of gulls gone wild

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Ask anybody working at the Lone Star Steakhouse & amp; Saloon about the hyper-looking sea gulls perched outside on the roof and light poles and they'll tell you those birds are plumb batty.
Caw, screech, swoop -- look out, here comes Psycho!That's what the Lone Star folks call the leader of a bad brood.
All summer, Psycho, a large sea gull, and several of his buddies have dive-bombed and just plain bombed -- yuck! -- the servers and cooks at the Anchorage restaurant. Gulls flying like kamikazes chase the workers inside or underneath the eaves when they get out of their cars for work, and hassle them when they step out back for a smoke break. The birds zoom down again and again, mad as hornets.
Don't worry, Anchorage, we don't have an avian revolt on our hands. Crazed animals are a seasonal norm in a city whose residents are accustomed to close encounters with urban wildlife whether bears, bull moose or belligerent birds.
The gulls are just fighting to protect their eggs and chicks from any threat, said Rick Ellis, an expert on the subject.

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