1st--Whereabouts (Rosendo)9.202.402.10
Keepairinyourtires (Gonzalez)2.102.10
The Short Stuff (Hannigan)2.20
Also ran: Boo Boo Can't Walk, Light One, Bubbles McGruder, Dinkers Diva and Fino Chino. Exacta (3-8) Paid $14.20. Trifecta (3-8-6) Paid $108.00, Superfecta (3-8-6-7) Paid $110.40.
3rd--Double Diva (Cloninger)8.404.203.00
Basherit (Hannigan)5.403.00
Jonmarie's Gold (Rosendo)5.80
Also ran: Catty Clan, Crucial Point, Ohio Society and Lilac Valley. Exacta (3-7) Paid $28.40, Trifecta (3-7-2) Paid $255.20, Superfecta (3-7-2-1) Paid $375.30, Pick 3 (3-2/6-3) Paid $44.60.
5th--Call Gold (Villa-Gomez)7.203.802.20
Resurrected (Hemsley)5.802.80
Waki Daybreak (Felix)2.40
Also ran: Fiveoclock Charley, Playsomethingfast, Out for Sin, Regal Victory and Wild Image. Exacta (2-4) Paid $40.80, Trifecta (2-4-1) Paid $88.60, Superfecta (2-4-1-8) Paid $176.80, Pick 3 (3-1-2) Paid $117.60.
7th--Sing A'cord (Creary)
Nurse Margurita (Cloninger)5.002.60
Power Serge (Magrell)2.40
Also ran: Miss Holy Toledo, Sober Moment, Warning Light and Midnight Delivery. Exacta (1-5) Paid $38.80, Trifecta (1-5-4) Paid $111.80, Superfecta (1-5-4-2) Paid $400.20, Pick 3 (2-4-1) Paid $174.20.
9th--Billy Ho Jo (Martinez)8.204.803.40
Make a Mile (Creary)6.203.00
Coasting Barnie (Rojas)2.60
Also ran: Cactus Glacken, Rock E. Hill, Poolhall, Coco's Pal, Mighty Wild Dude and Mixer. Exacta (9-7) Paid $54.00, Trifecta (9-7-8) Paid $134.00, Superfecta (9-7-8-5) Paid $543.10, Pick 3 (1-3-9) Paid $138.20.
11th--Grifton (Mailhot)17.807.405.60
What a Pistol (Felix)6.006.00
Super Cannon (Villa-Gomez)5.80
Also ran: Livewell Laughofen, Cat Tide, Andrew Now, Gee's He's Grand, Gitalong Jim, Don't Look, Dancing Tune and Executed by D Cat. Exacta (9-1) Paid $88.40, Trifecta (9-1-2) Paid $793.20, Superfecta (9-1-2-8) Paid $776.20, Pick 3 (9-2-9) Paid $181.60.
13th--Lil Rich Girl (Spieth)4.403.202.40
Rackelmylove (Clemente)5.202.80
Country Fox (Hannigan)2.60
Also ran: El Ronda, Wayne's On Line, Trapp Rico, Lady of Style, Spruce Hollow Babe, Mizz Charlee, Sultry Ava and Our Last Fashion. Exacta (5-8) Paid $19.40, Trifecta (5-8-9) Paid $51.00, Superfecta (5-9-8-4) Paid $321.80, Pick 3 (9-3-1/5) Paid $204.40.
SATURDAY -- 1:20 P.M.
1st--6 Furlongs Dirt Open 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 7,500 - 7,500 - Purse:$8,200.
Ashtons Dreams, Felix, 116; Pyrite Mac, Clemente, 116; Big Lord Nelson 116; Eyes of the Critic, Martinez, 119; Mize, Gonzalez, 116; Privano's First, Skerrett, 116.
3rd--5 1/2 Furlongs Dirt Open 2 Year Olds Maiden Special Weight - Purse:$9,500.
Getzsum, Gonzalez, 118; Halo's Flyer, Cloninger, 118; Run Earl Run, Rosendo, 118; Win for Joe Gates, Villa-Gomez, 118; Cruzable, Hannigan, 118; Roaring Deputy 118; Dance to Life, Martinez, 118.
5th--1 Mile Dirt Open 3 Year Olds And Up Allowance - Purse:$13,200.
All the Doe, Felix, 119; Avalon Prep, Gonzalez, 116; I Go Solo, Martinez, 113; D's Dessert, Clemente, 110; Jachovia, Rosendo, 110; Da Fonz, Cloninger, 113; Bumkin McGruder, Brown, 111.
7th--6 Furlongs Dirt Open 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 - Purse:$7,200.
Stormin Devil, Caminita, 116; Mega Mill, Gonzalez, 116; Decorate, Clemente, 116; Express, Magrell, 119; Poco Rey, Rojas, 116; Proudly We Hailed, Felix, 116; Jason's Five K Run, Cloninger, 116.
9th--6 Furlongs Dirt Fillies and Mares 3 Year Olds And Up Allowance - Purse:$10,000.
Dancer's Crown, Rosendo, 112; Pyrite Wild, Clemente, 115; Time Again, Gonzalez, 112; Hey Lucy Lou, Munaylla, 115; Slippery Devil, Rini, 112; Wright Seeker, Gonzalez, 112; Bright Pyrite, Martinez, 112; Doll of the Year, Deveaux, 112.
11th--1 Mile Dirt Open 3 Year Olds And Up Allowance - Purse:$12,200.
Lac Grape, Hannigan, 116; Winyah Bay, Felix, 116; Pyrite Run, Clemente, 116; Locker, Rojas, 116; Oh Oleg, Martinez, 116; Bernard's Candy, Felix, 116; Prince Parliament, Cloninger, 113; Jandemar, Gonzalez, 119.
13th--1 Mile 70 Yards Dirt Open 3 Year Olds And Up Claiming 3,500 - 3,500 - Purse:$6,500.
Starnas, Hannigan, 116; Hatchets Last Wish, Cabrera, 116; Free Chew, Felix, 116; P. M.'s Snacks, Deveaux, 116; Heart Flash, Clemente, 116; Forsberg, Rosendo, 116; Stormhouse, Magrell, 116; Par Rules, Gonzalez, 116; Julesburg, Martinez, 122; Varsity O, Rojas, 116.
1st--$2,000.00 3000CLCD Pace
Tsm Small Towner, Holliday; Fulmars Song, Thompson; Ty Rogers, Jones; Ciao Lavros N, Sturgeon; Cr Tabasco, Fisher Jr; Foreveranever, Angus; Jo Jo's Nice Guy, Holliday; Artful Move, Kash Jr; Kb's Big Jim,Fisher Jr.
2nd--$4,000.00 NW400PSCD Trot
Whiteland Lance, Holliday; Be Inquisitive, Kash Jr; Blue Snapper,Angus; Distrike, Sturgeon; Fugeddaboudit, Robinson; Manhattan Slick,Schillaci; K W's Lasermachine, Thompson; Last King, Popio; Follow Me Tofrance, Conger.
3rd--$10,000.00 INV Pace
Downtown Dude, Thompson; Coal Black Beauty, Fisher Jr; Doctor Rodney, Boring; Cam's Fast Gun, Fisher Jr; Muhammad Ali N, Boring; Arts Regards, Sturgeon.
4th--$3,000.00 NW300PSCD Pace
Hand Me No Lines, Kash Jr; Samson Three,Sturgeon; Olivia's Beau, Fisher Jr; Direct Dragon, Thompson; Magic Dart, Kash Jr; Ytwok-Bug, Kash Jr; K-Jack, Fisher Jr Preslash, Soehnlen; Matt's Best, Tba.
5th--$4,600.00 8000CL Pace
Hoppy's Fling N,Schillaci; C M Desparado, Jones; Bodacious Bay, Deaton; Altamonty, Thompson; My Fella, Mapes; Benny B Benny, Thompson; Surf Sam, Kash Jr; Phantom Power, Fisher Jr.
6th--$5,000.00 NW500PSCD Pace
Bonn Star N, Tba; Gryffindor, Fisher Jr; Defense Line,Thompson; Thethreepannyopera, Boring; Liltycantbedenied, Jones; Distinctiv Skeeter, Sturgeon; Doctor Viagra, Boring; Sand Sax, Fisher Jr.
7th--$4,000.00 NW400PSCD Pace
V'annas J C, Jones; Look Both Ways, Tba; Town Gazelle,Harris; Gemini Jason,Holliday; Lonesome Fella, Sturgeon; Dart Trick, Kash Jr; Farbe, Fisher Jr; Pointshaver, Schillaci; Rich Man Poor Man, Boring.
8th--$5,600.00 10000CL Pace
S W Forevers Boy, Kash Jr; Skyvision, Tba; King's Nest, Schillaci; Wise-Guy Sahbra, Boring; Hard Candy Xmas, Sturgeon; Hillbilly Jack, Boring; Four Pack, Jones; He's Inebriated, Fisher Jr.
9th--$6,500.00 12500CL Pace
Pacificam, Kash Jr; Blue Tees, Holliday; Jd's Playmate, Fisher Jr; Como No,Kash Jr; Mighty Ability, Schillaci; Knightwatchman A, Boring; D Interceptor, Fisher Jr; Tigerlee, Kash Jr.
10th--$4,600.00 8000CL Pace
Daddy Daddy Daddy, Fisher Jr; Hr Absolute Gunner, Holliday; Gilligans Island, Boring; Laag Ness Monster, Mapes; Lashas Last, Kash Jr; Itssilentbutdeadly, Boring; Moovin N Groovin, Holliday; Pocket Vance N, Mapes; Patrician, Tba.
11th--$8,000.00 25000CL Pace
Diaper Dandy,Holliday; Mcnally,Sturgeon; Chris Crombie, Boring; Mattrofconvenience, Hershberger; Brookland Bridge N, Schillaci; Hard Time Gone, Ross; Tiny Hope,Ningard; Kountry Cal, Fisher Jr; Red Bullet, Tba.
12th--$7,000.00 15000CL Pace
Magical Marti, Jones; Black N Gold Pete, Kash Jr; Half Full,Boring; Lively Sign, Kash Jr; Knockout Sahbra, Jones; Outer Money N, Boring; Codyscoltfortyfive, Holliday; Equalize, Tba.
13th--$4,600.00 8000CL Pace
Arizona Attack, Kash Jr; Western Tuff Guy, Schillaci; Dr Stewart, Jones; Brooklets Kit Kat, Boring; Sand Rounder,Mapes; Defiant Sahbra, Tba; Holy War, Mapes; Chupp Don, Fisher Jr; Divine Favor,Boring.
14th--$4,600.00 8000CL Pace
Magical Wiz, Kash Jr; Petala, Sturgeon; C G Dancer, Sturgeon; Washingson, Fisher Jr; Sand Slade, Hopper III; Funtime Buddy Boy, Holliday; Mr Howard, Boring; Tribal Chief, Tba; Southwind Art, Boring.
1st--Purse $13,400, Claiming $15,000-$13,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile (Turf).
Clever Bull, J. Barria, 111; General Tee, J. Barria, 118; Zone Stopper, J. Stokes, 107; Bama Royal, O. Pereira, 115; Cashmula, D. Whitney, 115; Skiptothegoodpart, C. Murphy, 115; Mahoney, B. Marcial, 115; Core Sample, D. Parker, 115; Trouble by Three, J. Barria, 115; Silenus, P. Tolentino, 111; Kick In, O. Pereira, 115; Green Thunder, M. Andrews, 113; Hanley Road, M. Ccamaque, 112; Simply Spiritual, S. Moran, 105.
2nd--Purse $13,000, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Four And A Half Furlongs (Turf).
Elegant Fame, C. Murphy, 118; Cohassett Rocks, A. Ramgeet, 118; Elway's Way, S. Gonzalez, Jr., 118; Blofeld (GB), D. Parker, 115; Eatonville Cruiser, L. Espinosa, 115; Double Dog Dare Ya, J. Barria, 115; Civil Bond (ARG), D. Parker, 118; Capazuri, O. Pereira, 115; Authentic, M. Ccamaque, 115; Detramental, C. Martin, 115; Buckeye Bert, J. Stokes, 118; Holy Decree, S. LeJeune, Jr., 115; Chaching Chaching, R. Stokes, III, 115; Shamrocks Fibber, R. Ganpath, 115.
3rd--Purse $20,000, Maiden special weight, 2 yo, Five Furlongs.
Coltons First Step, H. Villa-Gomez, 118; Louie Es, B. Walker, Jr., 118; Elmo S, J. Sanches, 118; Market Appeal, D. Parker, 118; Clovis Point, D. Brinkley, 118; Canteen Creek, B. Marcial, 118; Tahoe Joe, R. Stokes, III, 118.
4th--Purse $8,600, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five And A Half Furlongs.
Storm This Picture, D. Whitney, 121; Oh Absolut, D. Williams, 115; Atlantic Squall, T. Nguyen, 118; Mr I. Imagination, J. Davila, 115; Hubble the Charmer, D. Parker, 118; High Concept, L. Espinosa, 115; Best Gamble, S. LeJeune, Jr., 115; Football Passer, T. Nguyen, 110; Complete Coverage, O. Vargas, 115; Tchefuncte, O. Pereira, 115; Taco Sauce, R. Stokes, III, 110; New Opportunity, M. Ccamaque, 110; Miner's Hope, D. Brinkley, 113; Noble Runner, R. Ganpath, 115.
5th--Purse $8,900, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Six Furlongs.
Tracey's Miner, J. Barria, 118; Megans Rainbow, D. Brinkley, 121; Dynamite Devil, A. Ramgeet, 116; Like to Do, J. Stokes, 115; Lone Star Dixie, R. Ganpath, 115; Wildinthepark, D. Brinkley, 115; No Help Needed, S. LeJeune, Jr., 116; Out of Daylight, T. Nguyen, 116; Big Sky Girl, A. Ramgeet, 115; Fast Lady J, J. Barria, 115; Perfect Prose, R. Stokes, III, 118; Playville, O. Pereira, 113; Yes Its You, D. Whitney, 110.
6th--Purse $9,300, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five Furlongs.
American Hero, J. Perez, Jr., 115; Tanja's Cat, J. Stokes, 115; Mr. Buffum, D. Brinkley, 115; Whosthatmaskedman, T. Nguyen, 115; Dancin Lance, B. Marcial, 115; Unreal Dancer, O. Vargas, 115; Jeet's Devise, L. Gonzalez, 115; Rodion (ARG), D. Parker, 121; Inside Pitch, D. Whitney, 115.
7th--Purse $10,400, Claiming $10,000-$8,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Six Furlongs.
That's Me Boy, I. Rosendo, 115; Irish Meadow, P. Walker, 110; Native Survivor, D. Parker, 113; Senorita Rosa, J. Stokes, 110; Firstlinc, B. Walker, Jr., 113; Meryl's Choice, L. Espinosa, 121; Beacon of Hope, D. Whitney, 110; Buckshot Slew, J. Rivera, Jr., 113; Southern Eyes, L. Rivera, 115; Kid Carrots, B. Marcial, 115; Kettal Creek, A. Ramgeet, 115.
8th--Purse $14,700, Claiming $7,500-$6,500, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Six Furlongs.
Picture Please, P. Walker, 112; Free Expresso, J. Stokes, 115; Imbrachium, D. Parker, 115; Ruby River, M. Andrews, 112; Dad Says Yes, O. Pereira, 115; A Bag On Top, D. Brinkley, 115; Roses From Dora, R. Ganpath, 115; Seymour Moves, D. Whitney, 115; Delivery Cart, S. LeJeune, Jr., 110.
9th--Purse $23,000, Allowance, 3 yo's & amp; up, Six Furlongs.
Astralled, . , 115; Pals Forever, H. Villa-Gomez, 115; Rene's Soldier, D. Whitney, 115; Chelsea's Grey Boy, L. Gonzalez, 110; Officer of the Day, D. Parker, 118; Absent Miss, A. Dasilva, 115; Homeland, J. Barria, 115; My Cousin Andy, R. Ganpath, 115; Kemo Sabe Ben, M. Ccamaque, 110; Jared'stemper, P. Walker, 110; Hillbilly Bandit, C. Murphy, 110; Zephyr Hills, D. Whitney, 115; Youthful Comment, L. Gonzalez, 121; Bear Trick, W. Cloninger, Jr., 115.
10th--Purse $9,000, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One And One Sixteenth Miles.
Slippery Fool, H. Villa-Gomez, 121; Cardiogenic, J. Magrell, 121; Lightening Ball, W. Cloninger, Jr., 121; Captain Keenan, C. Torres, 121; Raging River, R. Ganpath, 121; Lover Iam, D. Williams, 121; Shoot It, T. Nguyen, 121; Mainly Henry, M. Ccamaque, 121; Rural Road, S. LeJeune, Jr., 121; Artistic Design, D. Brinkley, 121; Shilukwa, J. Stokes, 121; Potri Jealous (ARG), O. Pereira, 121; Morethanrisque, P. Walker, 121; Salish Prince, C. Murphy, 121.

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