Two trustees support plan to buy ambulance

The second ambulance will cost about $82,000.
NEW SPRINGFIELD -- Despite disagreement from one trustee, Springfield Township trustees agreed Wednesday to buy a new ambulance.
Trustees Jim Holleran and Shirley Heck agreed with the request of township EMS Captain Karen Philibin to appropriate $82,730 from a savings fund for the purchase. Trustee Reed Metzka dissented. The money comes from insurance payments received on ambulance calls when the patient is transported to the hospital. The township receives about $650 per call. The money was set aside starting in 2000 when the township began collecting the payments.
There is approximately $100,000 in the account, and the 2005 Braun demo ambulance with 6,000 miles will be purchased through the state for $82,780.
The township has another ambulance purchased in 2002 with $102,000 in fire levy money. Because of an increasing number of calls, EMS workers have since 2003 been using a 1992 rescue vehicle with 120,000 miles as a backup ambulance. The vehicle has had many repairs, and a mechanic has advised the township not to put any more money into it.
"I don't feel we need to have two ambulances in Springfield Township," Metzka said.
He asked where another ambulance would be housed, noting there is only one ambulance bay at the township building.
Metzka said that the second truck was only supposed to be used to transport equipment, not as an ambulance. He said if another ambulance is needed, the township should call another jurisdiction for mutual aid.
However Philibin responded that it was on the order of Fire Chief Brian Hughes in 2003 that she began using the vehicle as a second ambulance. She added that other municipalities' ambulances are sometimes being used and not available.
Heck said that twice in the past two weeks the township has had to call in outside ambulances. She added that with the continuing growth in Springfield Township, another ambulance is needed to serve residents. The township's population has reached 7,100, Philibin said. This is up from the 6,000 Heck said were counted in the 2000 Census.
Upcoming levies
Also Wednesday, Hughes and Police Chief Matthew Mohn said a town hall meeting will be set to give residents information about the police and fire levies that will appear on the November ballot.
Trustees approved allowing an island in a cul-de-sac at the Golden Rye development off Struthers Road. They said that although such islands are not usually allowed in developments, this one provides a turnaround so large as to be unique in Mahoning County. Trustees included provisions in their resolution requiring developers to take care of maintenance and upkeep of the island and required them to provide a place to pile plowed snow.
They also accepted a bid from Cleveland Asphalt, Bessemer, for $27,000 to do paving at Fire Station 22 and to install dry hydrants at Springfield Local High School. The bid was the lower of two received.

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