PAULA ABDUL 'Idol' judge nixes role in 'Dance' amid allegations made by ex-contestant

About a week ago Fox hired counsel to investigate Abdul's alleged relationship with a 2003 'Idol' finalist.
About three weeks ago, Fox breathlessly announced that "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul would also play a "special role" in the network's summer series "So You Think You Can Dance."
The former Laker Girl and choreographer was to roam the country, imparting her skills to the rhythm-challenged and teaching them "how to find their groove thing and really shake it," the network said at the time.
Now, a week after reporters peppered Fox about Abdul's alleged misconduct with an "Idol" contestant in 2003, comes word that Abdul won't be taking part in "Dance" after all. Her publicist released a statement Friday saying Abdul simply doesn't have enough time, between work on an "Idol" DVD and preparing for the show's next season to do the new show as well.
"It became apparent that her prior commitments ... made it impossible to be part of this new show," the statement says. Fox and 19 Entertainment, which produces both "Idol" and "Dance," say they're OK with her decision.
The announcement comes a little more than a week after TV critics inundated Fox Entertainment president Peter Ligouri with questions about the investigation into Abdul's alleged relationship with 2003 "Idol" finalist Corey Clark. The network and the show's producers have hired an independent counsel to look into Clark's charges that Abdul initiated a relationship with him and coached him on song choices.
After making the final 12, Clark was kicked off the show for failing to disclose a past arrest. He detailed his allegations to ABC's "Primetime Live" in May.
Ligouri said last week that the independent counsel's probe would wrap up fairly soon, although not necessarily before "American Idol" season five auditions begin Aug. 18. The network will make the results of the investigation public.

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