NATION Police continue searching for escaped inmate, wife

KINGSTON, Tenn. (AP) -- Prison nurse Jennifer Forsythe got fired last year for sneaking food to an inmate. A few months later, she got permission from the warden to marry that inmate, George Hyatte, a man with a long and violent criminal record.
Now the 31-year-old woman from Utah who had never been in trouble with the law is charged with gunning down a guard Tuesday in a brazen attempt to help her new husband escape. Both are being sought in a nationwide manhunt for their role in what one law enforcement official called a "'Bonnie and Clyde'-style shoot-out."
Police believe Jennifer Forsyth Hyatte came to this town of 5,500 on Monday with two getaway cars -- a Ford Explorer in her name that was later dumped and a gold Chevrolet van stolen from one of her home-nursing clients near Nashville.
She is believed to have ambushed two guards as they were leading George Hyatte from a courthouse hearing, fatally shooting one of them -- veteran Wayne "Cotton" Morgan, 56 -- and then speeding away with her husband. Authorities found large amounts of blood in the abandoned vehicle and believe she was wounded.
By Wednesday, 35 to 45 leads an hour were coming in as part of a manhunt.
"We're getting information from all kinds of places, and we're running every lead. We've got state and federal agencies assisting in the manhunt," Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director Mark Gwyn said. "I don't recall in my 20 years ever being in this type of escape."

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