hActress says teens should explore sexuality

hActress says teensshould explore sexuality
NEW YORK -- Evan Rachel Wood thinks her fellow teenagers should be free to explore their sexuality so they can be "responsible about it" -- unlike the character she plays in "Pretty Persuasion," due out Friday. In the film, directed by Marcos Siega, Wood portrays a scheming schoolgirl named Kimberly who uses her sexuality to achieve her goals. "I'm not against teenagers exploring their sexuality," the 17-year-old Wood told the New York Daily News. "They should be able to find how to use it in the right way and be responsible about it." Wood said she thinks the media and adults try to ignore sex and cover it up. That, she said, "just sends wrong messages and makes kids more crazy about it." Wood's film credits include "Thirteen," "Practical Magic" and "Little Secrets."
Adams continues to workon her pet film project
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Joey Lauren Adams is back in California editing "Come Early Morning," her obsession of the last five years. It's hardly like strutting the red carpet at the Golden Globes or dancing opposite John Travolta on screen, but Adams says it's worth it to finish the movie she wrote, directed and filmed in her hometown of North Little Rock. After working for years to secure financial backers and turning away offers to film for less money in other states, Adams says she was able to shoot the Southern-themed movie the way it was conceived in her head. "I've been over the scenes hundreds and hundreds of times," she said. "I really feel like it's a Southern film without being a caricature." The first goal, she said, is to finish the movie in time to make the October submission deadline for the Sundance Film Festival.
Pryor's wife: Richard's MSactually saved his life
PEORIA, Ill. -- Instead of packed arenas, comedian Richard Pryor now tours medical clinics. Instead of applause, he gets eight checkups a month in what his wife jokingly calls "the round robin of doctors." Still, Jennifer Lee Pryor says her husband's crippling multiple sclerosis is a blessing that stripped away his taste for the drugs and alcohol she was convinced would have left him dead. Today, he's just months shy of his 65th birthday. Nearly two decades with the disease has left Pryor in a wheelchair and out of the public eye, long after his expletive-laced standup act spawned dozens of movies and made the Peoria native box office magic through much of the late 1970s and early '80s. Now, Pryor -- who has also suffered three heart attacks -- spends most of his time at his home near Encino, Calif., with two rescued dogs and Jennifer, his fifth wife. The couple divorced after a brief marriage in the early 1980s but remarried in 2001.
Snoop, Iacocca team up
That's former Chrysler Corp. chairman Lee Iacocca, 80, and Snoop Dogg, 32, appearing together in Chrysler's latest ads for its employee-pricing program. They come off as golfing buddies in the commercials. Dogg, the rapper born Calvin Cordozar Broadus, wears an argyle sweater vest, while Iacocca has on a pastel plaid hat. At the end of the spot, Snoop Dogg says: "If the ride is more fly, then you must buy." Iacocca responds: "That's what I hear."
Today's birthdays
Former baseball manager Ralph Houk is 86. Rhythm-and-blues singer Billy Henderson (The Spinners) is 66. Jazz musician Jack DeJohnette is 63. Comedian-director David Steinberg is 63. Actor Sam Elliott is 61. Boxing Hall-of-Famer Ken Norton is 60. Singer Barbara Mason is 58. Actress Melanie Griffith is 48. Actress Amanda Bearse is 47. Rapper Kurtis Blow is 46. Singer Aimee Mann is 45. Singer Whitney Houston is 42. Actor Pat Petersen is 39. Football player Deion Sanders is 38. Actress Gillian Anderson is 37. Actor Eric Bana is 37. Rock musician Arion Salazar (Third Eye Blind) is 35. Rapper Mack 10 is 34. Latin rock singer Juanes is 33. Actress Liz Vassey is 33. Actress Jessica Capshaw is 29.

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