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Opened in 1997, the doctors continue to expand their practice.
BOARDMAN -- Drs. Heather Haverfield and Richard Rogan, chiropractors, have done more than spinal adjustments from day one. The husband/wife team, owners of Back to Health here, met at Life University College of Chiropractic in Atlanta and began their practice here in 1997. Good nutrition has been an important aspect of their total wellness program from the start, particularly the value of whole, fresh, organic foods.
Dr. Haverfield also specializes in pediatric chiropractics. And they are continuing to expand not only their chiropractic tools and techniques, but other holistic methods, which they integrate into their practice to offer their clients the best in wellness and total well-being.
One of the newer tools they use is called darkfield microscopy.
Blood sampling tool
"Blood samples are taken by a simple prick of the finger," Dr. Rogan said. "The darkfield microscope uses a unique light source which can view things in the blood differently than a regular microscope. Live blood samples are used, both wet and dried."
When medical blood samples are taken, the blood is put in a vial and refrigerated. It is dead by the time it is tested. Medical blood tests supply accurate data for cholesterol, red and white blood cell count and blood glucose, for example.
Live blood under the darkfield microscope, however, is viewed on a computer screen, moving as if it were in the body, where parasites, candida (yeast), unhealthy cells, or fat can be recognized.
Dr. Haverfield showed a video of a client's blood and explained what information can be gained by this technique:
"When the red cells are stacked on top of each other, it indicates there is not enough oxygen. The blood is sludge-like and viscous, setting up conditions for possible cardiovascular disease, which may result in heart attack or stroke. The blood is flowing like molasses rather than water."
"If there is fibrin in the blood [crystals], there is usually an immune deficiency problem, such as gout or arthritis, or protein malabsorption," Dr. Haverfield continues. "Borage or flax seed oils are recommended to help the blood thin safely. Undigested fats will also show up on the screen. They can form clumps that clog the arteries."
Blood parasites
Parasites can also be seen swimming around, and that is normal.
"However, acidic blood provides an environment for the parasites to clump and form bigger organisms," Dr. Haverfield said. "This sets up conditions that could be conducive to the development of cancer. Acidic blood can be the result of lack of oxygen [hypoxic] or poor nutrition." In the case of this particular client, who maintained a healthy lifestyle, ate right, was not overweight and worked out, Haverfield and Rogan determined the problem could be related to digestion. "The client did not respond to normal treatment," said Haverfield. "She still had headaches, fatigue, joint stiffness and gastrointestinal problems. Her body wasn't absorbing what she was eating, so we recommended digestive enzymes. Raw foods are the best source of digestive enzymes, which are destroyed in the cooking process." Digestive enzymes can also be added to the diet in the form of pills or capsules.
A drop of dried blood is also viewed on the computer screen, and it provides additional information. White vertical cracks indicate a calcium deficiency, and white horizontal cracks, a magnesium deficiency. If there is darkness in the center of the drop, bowel toxicity is likely, and liver toxicity is indicated by a dark ring around the edge. Rings that resemble a tree trunk indicate heavy metal toxicity.
Darkfield microscopy is done in conjunction with hair analysis to provide even more detailed information. This test is done by simply snipping a little bit of hair from the client, then sending it to a lab. Dr. Haverfield tells of her own experience: "The dried blood sample showed I had a calcium deficiency," she said. "So I started taking calcium, but did not improve. I sent a hair sample out, and the results showed that I had an extremely high calcium level, but my magnesium was low. By taking magnesium, I was able to rebalance my system." Many conditions may be the result of mineral imbalance, and can include depression, hyperactivity, thyroid problems, hair loss and skin rashes.
Haverfield and Rogan recommend and carry Standard Process supplements. "They are made of only natural, organic whole foods," says Dr. Rogan. "Unlike many synthetic supplements which clients must continue taking over a long period, or for life, Standard Process supplements work almost like homeopathics, helping the body regulate itself. Most clients can stop taking them in a month or so, depending on the severity of the problem."
Child health care
Dr. Haverfield has received special training in pediatrics. "For my internship, I did research with the World Health Organization at Emory University Medical School in Atlanta, linking ADHD [attention deficit disorder] in children with subluxations [vertebral misalignment]," she said.
"Children under chiropractic care showed greater improvement than those taking Ritalin." She said research done on AIDS patients also showed that those receiving chiropractic care improved equally to those on medication, but without the side effects.
Haverfield and Rogan use multiple tools and techniques to adjust their clients. One is called the activator.
"This is an instrument that provides a very low force adjustment," says Dr. Rogan. "It is good for those with osteoporosis, for infants, or small joints, and for those who are afraid to have chiropractic adjustments done. Some people really hate that "crack," and this tool eliminates the sound." They also have a table with a part that drops out in the middle, so pregnant women, who usually have sore backs, can lie on their stomach to be adjusted.
The Thompson Drop table is another tool that eliminates the cracking sound. "It works on the force of gravity," says Dr. Rogan. "I place my hands on the client, and the table drops a few inches, which provides gentle adjustment." The table has different segments that can be dropped, according to the client's needs. In addition to the adjustment tools, Haverfield and Rogan use other methods, such as electronic stimulation, ultrasound, which breaks up scar tissue, and mechanical traction, which is good for auto or athletic accidents, acute injuries and trauma, and swelling and sprains. Dr. Haverfield also gives regular talks on various aspects of health.
XLaughing Crow is a practitioner of holistic healing. She may be reached at laughingcrow@neo.rr.com.

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