TRUMBULL COUNTY Engineers trim extra length of box culvert

The change didn't add to the cost, an engineer said.
LORDSTOWN -- A replacement bridge on Tait Road was too long and needed to be trimmed to fit into the space.
"We made some adjustments in the field," said John Picuri, Trumbull County bridge engineer.
A three-man crew was working Tuesday at the huge concrete box culvert.
The box culvert is actually on a curve. There was a slight change in the skew of the bridge, which made the box culvert longer than needed.
The chunk of box culvert that didn't fit -- it comes in sections -- rests in the county engineer's yard off North River Road in Warren.
John Latell, county engineer, said the adjustment that was made was within the county's design standards.
In March 2001, Trumbull County commissioners committed to replacing four small bridges at an estimated cost of $579,725 -- $400,000 from a no-interest, 20-year state loan and $179,725 in local funds and in-kind services.
Ready in 4-6 weeks
One such bridge was on Tait Road, between state Route 45 and Highland Avenue. Randy Smith, deputy engineer, said the job there will cost $120,000 to $125,000, and the changes made on site added no additional cost.
The bridge "absolutely" will be fine when completed in four to six weeks, he added.
The original Tait Road bridge had quite an angle to it and was too narrow. The new design called for a 12-foot shift to smooth the curve from the old to the new bridge.
The south footer for the new bridge was built before the old bridge was removed, Smith explained. The box culvert was manufactured elsewhere and dropped into the space. Because it was too long, a section of it was not used.
There was a difference between the project's drawings and computer plans that led to a six-degree difference, leading the county to tweak the project to fit the channel and the curve of the road.
When completed, the driving width will be 32 feet across, guardrail to guardrail, Smith said.

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