Both vulnerable. South deals.
x -9 6 4
u -A J 9 6 5
v -8 6
w -10 7 5
x -J 8 x -A 10
u -8 3 2 u -10 7 4
v -Q J 10 7 v -9 5 3 2
w -K J 9 3w -8 6 4 2
x -K Q 7 5 3 2
u -K Q
v -A K 4
w -A Q
The bidding:
2x Pass 2NT Pass
4NT Pass 5v Pass
6x Pass Pass Pass
Opening lead: Queen of v
Some deals do not deserve to be lost in the mists of time. This hand rates among our favorites, and we cannot improve on the commentary of Charles Goren almost a half-century ago.
"Percy Sheardown of Toronto was my partner, holding the West hand, when we played it against opponents who had wined well as well as dined just before the evening session of the tournament. He opened the queen of diamonds. Declarer won and laid down the king of spades. His hand hovered over the table in a way that indicated unmistakably that he expected to win the trick. He did a double take when I produced the ace of spades; he transferred an incredulous stare from my ace on the table to a card in his hand, then he moved that card from one end of the hand to the other.
"It was apparent that South must hold the ace-queen of clubs. Obviously, South thought his hand included the ace of spades and a singleton queen of clubs, giving himself an impregnable trump suit, which explains his strange bidding.
"I returned a club -- no better return suggested itself. South took his ace and played the queen of spades. To his delight, and our disgust, both missing honors dropped. With dummy's hearts available to take care of South's losers the slam became laydown.
"'Sorry, Charlie,' Sheardown said. 'I could have beaten the hand.' When I looked blank, he explained: 'I should have led the king of clubs!'
"Had you been there, you would have known what he meant. There is no doubt that my partner would have taken the first trick from South's 'singleton' queen with his club king before declarer discovered that his cards were not properly assorted."
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