Setting up return rules

With an estimated 25 percent of American young adults living with their parents, many families are encountering issues they were unprepared for. To help smooth the process, the April issue of the United Auto Workers newsletter Life, Work & amp; Family distributed to DaimlerChrysler autoworkers offered some advice:
UMeet in neutral territory to discuss the child's return before he or she returns home.
USet up house rules, including a contract that deals with schedules and expectations. Discuss kitchen duties, household chores, alcohol use, smoking, who will use the bathroom first in the mornings, and visits by boyfriends or girlfriends.
UDiscuss financial aspects of the arrangement, such as the purchase of food and paying rent. The newsletter suggests an adult child should pay rent and that the amount should be agreed upon beforehand.
UThe reason for the child's return should be delineated. Is it to save money, find a job, recover from an emotional disaster? Ascertaining this will help make it clear that the situation is not open-ended and not something that's going to happen over and over again.
USet a time limit for the stay.

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