HELOISE Making a raised feeder inexpensive, good for pet

Dear Heloise: A raised feeder can be beneficial for your pet. But the ones I have seen in catalogs are expensive and, frankly, not that attractive. I discovered a nifty way to make my own that allows me to personalize them, too.
I simply put the bowls in appropriate-size flowerpots. You want the bowl to sit right in up to its rim so it's sturdy and safe. I decorated the flowerpot with cute pictures of my little dog, Tom, on the outside, or you can paint them, attach beads, etc. They look great, Tom enjoys them and guests always comment. Heather Stubbs, Rochester, N.Y.
This is definitely a neck-saver, especially for larger dogs. Many veterinarians agree that a raised feeder is very helpful for an older dog or a pet with certain medical conditions. If readers want to make one, please check with your veterinarian so you can do the right thing for your furry friend. Heloise
Dear Readers: Mr. and Mrs. John Oliver and family sent in an amazing picture of Shadow, their cat, looking through a window at a neighborhood squirrel. I don't know who won this stare-down.
Shadow was left at their doorstep, declawed and dehydrated, but after some TLC and a couple of visits to a vet, she is now a member of their family. Visit my Web site, www.Heloise.com, and click on "This Week's Pet" to see this photo. Heloise
Dear Readers: A reminder that today and tomorrow, North Shore Animal League America, with the help and generosity of Purina, Bayer and Fort Dodge Animal Health, will join forces with more than 1,300 animal organizations around the world for a weekend of animal adoptions. So, go to the nearest participating shelter and adopt a new, furry friend. To find the shelter nearest you, call the League's toll-free hot line: (877) BE-MY-PAL (877-236-9725), or visit the Web site at www.nsalamerica.org. There are thousands of animals just waiting to jump into your heart and home. Heloise
Dear Heloise: I love parakeets and have four in two different cages. I had trouble cleaning up the birdseed under the cages. I made a skirt to cover the bottom of the cage and the sides to about 2 inches above the seed dishes. I sewed a casing and inserted a piece of elastic that holds it snugly in place.
Except for the occasional highflying seed, all other seed is caught by this easy-to-make cage skirt. It has saved me many hours of sweeping. L.G., Richfield
Dear Heloise: I have a great hint for those who love camping (or traveling) with their pets. For our dog, Bailey, we have made up a box with bowls for food and water, containers of food, a bag of treats, her tie-out stake and a couple of favorite toys. We also decorated it with fun dog stickers. K.V., Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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