Essay contest targets hunting

Can you explain why hunting is a valuable and wholesome American tradition?
If you can, between 450 to 500 words and in essay form, and your answer is the best one, the Mahoning County Federation of Sportsmen Clubs will reward you with a $500 scholarship.
The scholarship will be for students heading to Youngstown State University or Hocking College in Nelsonville this fall. Those attending or planning to attend YSU can be going into any field of study while Hocking College students interested in the contest must be pursuing the School of Natural Resources major.
Who may enter
The federation's contest is open to U.S. citizens who are residents of Mahoning County between the ages of 16 and 25 and who will be eligible to attend college in the fall.
"Hunting has been positive cultural activity and valuable tradition throughout the history of Western civilization, from the time of classical Greece through today," said Atty. James Denney, who is coordinating the contest for the organization.
"It has held this position in societies that value the worth of the individual because it promotes the development of those characteristics in people that are essential to preserving society: self-reliance, individual initiative, patience, marksmanship, physical stamina, strength and skill, respect for nature, as well as the opportunity to commune and interact with nature."
Denny added: "Our essay contest is an effort to promote and reinforce these values and traditions that make the United States of America the greatest country on Earth, to help preserve our freedoms and at the same time, to assist a deserving student with his or her education. It is the least that we here at home can do to protect the same freedoms that our military is currently shedding blood overseas to protect."
The essay will be scored on historical accuracy (25 points), grammar and spelling (25 points) and strength in supporting the subject (50 points). The winner will be named Aug. 17.
How to enter
If you are interested in entering, you will need to submit your name, address, phone number, date of birth and a clear copy of your state ID card or driver's license. The deadline for entry is July 10.
Only one entry per person is allowed and each entry must be 450 to 500 words long and typewritten in English.
Submit entries to: MCFSC 2005 Scholarship, c/o Atty. James A. Denney, 1631 South State St., Girard, Ohio, 44420.
This is a good opportunity for someone with a need to make some extra funds for tuition or school supplies to hone their writing skills.
If you are an outdoors enthusiast and have spent your formative years in pursuit of wild game, then this contest should not be a stretch. You should already have a good idea about the answer to the essay question.
Good luck.

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