Baby-sitting course

Baby-sitting course
BOARDMAN -- An American Red Cross Baby-sitting Training Course will be offered from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 14 at Boardman Community Center. Cost is $30. The program provides young people, ages 11 to 15, with knowledge and skills needed to provide safe, reasonable care for infants and children in their charge. Participants learn to perform first aid, including responding effectively to emergencies, basic care routines, and illness. Call (330)726-8107 to reserve a spot.
Safe Sitter class
YOUNGSTOWN -- Safe Sitter, a class that teaches boys and girls ages 11 to 13 how to safely care for children while babysitting, will be held from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the following locations:
UJune 23 and 24 and July 28 and 29, St. Joseph Health Center, 667 Eastland Ave., Warren
UJuly 7 and 8 and Aug. 17 and 18, St. Elizabeth Health Center, 1044 Belmont Ave., Youngstown.
Participants learn basic first aid, including rescue breathing and what to do if a child chokes how to prevent accidents, how and when to call for help, and childcare tips.
Cost is $25 and students must attend both classes. Class size is limited and scholarships are available to those who cannot pay.
For more information, call the Humility of Mary Healthline at (330) 480-3151 or toll-free (877) 700-4647.
"I had head approval, so [the designers] would bring me samples and ask, 'Do you like this one?' I'd say, 'I'm not that ugly. Seriously, could you make it a little prettier?'" -- Actress Anna Paquin, on the making of the action figure for her "X-Men" character, Rogue, in People.
"I'm a normal female. I want to look nice. I want to look pretty. Most people do. But I'm not obsessed. Image is what it is in the music or movie industry, but you don't have to conform to it." -- Musician Norah Jones, in Self magazine.
"I mean, I can listen to a Justin Timberlake song and not cringe. But I do get bummed out when it comes to Ashlee Simpson." -- Musician Conor Oberst, in Teen People.
The buzz on Ben Lee
Indie rocker Ben Lee lost everything important to him before he could live the life he really wanted.
Spiritual yearning: "Religion always felt like it was a set of rules you had to follow, but spirituality seemed like it was about experiencing feelings. And if all those people in religious texts had these life changing experiences with God, I didn't just want to read about it-I wanted to live it myself. I wanted to be in the book."
Dating Claire Danes: "...we connected right away. Being in a long-term relationship with her became my haven from the music scene, which felt like a big competition for glamour and wealth. We helped each other grow up because we faced a lot of the same pressures - being so young and trying to make it in an adult world."
Turning point: "Then, when I was 22, my dad died and everything in my life became unstable ... I felt so sad. I wanted to feel a deeper connection to something -- God or whatever you call it -- that could give hope and meaning to my loss."
Breaking up: "I felt I couldn't look to her [Danes] to give me strength anymore -- I had to find it inside me. I even had a dream where a voice sad, 'God is separating you, go willingly.' I woke up and I was like, Wow, it really does have to end."

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