Rounding (May) third

Rounding (May) third
It's the eighth inning. The bases are loaded. The score: Us-1; Them-1. And our best hitter is on deck.
This simple baseball analogy works for the Liberty schools.
It is the bottom of the eighth for Liberty schools -- the one school system in Trumbull County that has maintained academic excellence in the most ethnically, economically and religiously diverse community in Trumbull County.
But how the hitter on deck performs has more to do with the voters of Liberty than with the skill of the batter.
On May 3, Liberty Township voters will have an opportunity to hit one out of the park for themselves, for community and for tomorrow. The Liberty School District is seeking a 7.9 mill operating levy that will cost the average homeowner only 66 cents a day. This levy will keep Liberty's high standards and guarantee that the community, its students and its future are secure.
This levy must pass. Liberty has too long of a tradition as the powerhouse -- the one school system that understands that diversity is good, the one school system that embraces differences and the one school system that consistently turns out leaders, scholars and solid citizens.
Hit a home run for the students of Liberty Township and for the future of Liberty Township.
Vote "yes" for the Liberty Schools and let's hear the thunderous applause for the fine job that our students, our teachers, our administrator and our community has done in building and maintaining the finest school system in Trumbull County.
Co-chairs of the Building a Future Committee.
Struthers must get by
On May 3, the people of Struthers once again will be asked to pass another 8-mill school levy, which I hope the people of Struthers will vote down. Why, you ask? It's simply this -- the money that they get for this levy will not go for what they say it will go for, it never does. The teachers will go out on strike till they get a bigger raise, the superintendent will give herself a raise, they spend the money for things the school don't even need, like the exercise equipment they bought last year and the school was supposed to get the money back for it. They did this without checking it out first. They got scammed which we the tax payers are paying for.
They say without the levy they'll have to cut sports and other activities. So big deal, let the kids pay to play. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights say that all kids are entitled to an education, it does not say they are entitled to sports. Education is reading, writing and arithmetic, if schools would stick to what the Constitution states then maybe the schools would not be in the state that there in.
Vote "no" on the Struthers School Levy. We have to live with the money we have. Let the schools do the same.
Children are precious
Last week while visiting at my son's home I witnessed an example of cruelty to children in the beginning stages. While my granddaughter was looking for frogs in a creek on her own property, accompanied by her mother, a neighbor at least a football field away on the other side of the creek started screaming and yelling at my granddaughter to get off her property.
Children are such a precious gift from God that they should be treated like gold. The things they learn from an early age, as we very well know comes from examples of adults. This surely was not a good learning experience for my granddaughter. Her spirit was broken all evening as she kept reflecting on what happened earlier that day, while she should have been rejoicing since it was Friday and good report card day. Thankfully her family including myself helped her think of the more positive things of the day. I am sure that neighbor went to bed that evening without another thought of her actions, however, if she had put my granddaughter to bed she would have seen on the other side of the creek a different mood. Even if this child was on that women's property there is a right and wrong way to speak to or even correct children and they should be treated more like the way God had intended. Jesus is our perfect example of how to speak to little children. Children in turn speak to our hearts and we should all be open to the message they bring to the world of hope for a kinder more gentler world.