Pet adoptathon set for Saturday, Sunday

Dear Heloise: Pet Adoptathon, the biggest, most exciting lifesaving weekend in the world, is this Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to you, Heloise, last year's event was spectacular: Worldwide, more than 20,000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens were placed in loving homes in just 36 hours! North Shore Animal League America, with the help and generosity of Purina, Bayer and Fort Dodge Animal Health, will join forces with more than 1,300 animal organizations around the world this year to double or even triple the number of adoptions.
This amazing event began at North Shore Animal League America in New York in 1995, and every year has grown and flourished! This year, animal organizations from Canada to Australia and from the United Kingdom to Hong Kong are registered to participate. Since Pet Adoptathon began, more than 210,000 pets have been adopted during this important weekend.
So, animal lovers, take note. Wherever you are on Saturday and Sunday, find a participating shelter and that perfect furry friend who will give you a lifetime of love and happiness. Take a tip from Judge Judy, the international spokeswoman for Pet Adoptathon 2005: "Adopt a shelter pet and make a friend for life." For the name of a participating shelter near you, call the League's toll-free hot line: (877) BE-MY-PAL (877-236-9725). Or visit the Web site: www.nsalamerica.-org. Please open your heart and home to one of the many orphaned pets available for adoption -- their lives depend on it. Marge Stein, North Shore Animal League America
Readers, if you are looking for a warm, furry friend, this is the weekend to adopt. Heloise
Dear Heloise: I recently discovered a laundry timesaver. After removing knit shirts for three adults from the dryer, I shake each one out and place them one on top of the other -- collars up and facing forward in a fairly neat stack.
After easily slipping a hanger into the neck opening, simply fold that one forward and continue through the stack. Afterward, lift all of them and carry to the closet. It's so speedy! Claudia Lawson, via e-mail
Assembly line laundry! Anything to speed up the process is a winner of a hint. Heloise
Dear Heloise: I prefer wearing ankle-high socks with my athletic shoes. The problem is keeping each pair together in my sock drawer. Without tops, they are almost impossible to roll -- at least tight enough to keep them together.
I found a solution by buying a package of stretchy ponytail holders. I can stretch one of the holders over a matched pair of socks, and no amount of rooting through the sock drawer will separate them. I keep the holders in an attractive pottery cup on my dresser, where they're ready to use on laundry day. Ruth Ann Ballard, Emberson, Texas
Dear Heloise: Another use for those sticky lint rollers -- keep one on the sewing table to pick up all those loose strands of fabric and pieces of thread. Just roll it over the table, your lap or fabric. Kay Eidem, Excelsior, Minn.
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