There are a number of ways to help save Social Security

There are a number of ways to help save Social Security
Frequently we are hearing advocates of a "means test" for Social Security benefits. Since I have participated in the system since it started and I am one of the hardy group that have more than paid for my benefits, I do have some knowledge of this topic. For example, few people realize that only two aspects of the plan weigh heavily in favor of the lower income participant:
1. The benefit formula is a graded percentage of taxable earnings with lower incomes receiving a much heavier percentage as a benefit.
2. Also, 85 percent of your Social Security monthly benefit is subject to a steeply graduated federal income tax which none of our politicians appear disposed to lessen.
Clearly, the normal retirement age must be moved up to age 70. The age 70 life expectancy is now greater than that at age 65 when the system began. Also the outrageous dispersal of Social Security disability funds to malingerers and drug addicts must stop. This is a major trouble.
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Congress should consider switching the inflation gauge used to make the annual cost of living adjustments in Social Security checks "along with other recommendations."
It is my recommendation that Greenspan be replaced by someone who would look after the great majority of people who pay into and receive payment from the Social Security system. Place someone in the Federal Reserve chairman position who will use some common sense when it comes to shoring up the Social Security and Medicare programs.
What do Social Security and Medicare need? More cash, not adjustments that will lower our retirees' monthly checks. Perhaps our Congress should consider making good on the I.O.U.s for the billions snatched from Social Security during several global conflicts. This approach should certainly forego Greenspan's ridiculous "recommendations."
Above all else, the federal government must stop stealing from the Social Security Trust Fund and leave any surplus in the fund.
Get informed, then vote for Liberty school levy
It is essential that the voters of Liberty Township vote yes for our Liberty School Levy on May 3. We do not want the state of Ohio to appoint a commission to oversee our district. We want local control of our schools.
Quality education is vital to our students and an outstanding school system is a must. We have it. Let's not lose it. As a life-long resident of Liberty, I know that we have always been proud of our school system and the fine students it has produced. As property owners that should also be important to us. Mainly, we need to pass this levy for the students. We have a responsibility to support our young people.
Please, residents, read carefully the recent Liberty Levy News brochure that you received in the mail. Attend the community forum at Liberty High School at 7 p.m. Thursday. Make an informed decision for your community and for the future of our students.