CIVIL SERVICE Panel says it will keep two chiefs informed

Police and fire chiefs want regular meetings with commissioners.
LIBERTY -- The meeting was quite civil.
And in the end it was agreed that the township's civil service commission will do a better job of serving the township in a timely manner.
Township trustees called Tuesday's special meeting to address concerns about the commission's delays in responding to phone calls and requests for promotional exams.
Fire Chief Mike Durkin and Police Chief Anthony Slifka complained to trustees about the amount of time it took the Civil Service Commission to arrange the exams. Both chiefs also were upset about not having telephone calls returned.
Durkin, who noted it took five months for an inspector's test to be administered, said he had to send two certified letters to the commission before he received a response. Slifka added that he had called the commission numerous times without receiving a returned phone call.
"Please, just give me a call back," Slifka said. "If I'm calling you, it's because I'm getting a lot of questions. I look like an idiot when I don't know what's going on."
Commission Chairman Bill Richardson said he will make every effort to keep the chiefs informed. He noted that it took a while to arrange the last promotional exam because the commission was looking for the company that could offer the test at the best price.
He stressed that in the future he will make sure to contact township officials and let them know if there will be delays.
Afterward, both commission members and township officials said they were thankful for the meeting so the matters could be resolved.
"I'm really glad we were able to discuss the problems and come to a solution," Slifka said.
The chiefs also said they would like to meet with commission members at least once a year.

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