Brookfield schools don't need a tax increase

Brookfield schools don't need a tax increase
I can't understand why the Brookfield Township schools are contriving a school levy. I don't think Brookfield schools want the residents informed of the $617,871 they'll get for 2005. In 2006, the same plus an additional $405,264 for a total $1,023,135. This is an increase in state funding of $1.6 million over the next two years.
Does anyone other than me think these employees need be investigated for their bloodsucking incompetence?
Neither the administrators nor the school board intend to sacrifice anything, They don't have to. You're their target of sacrifice. How can you, their employer fire them?
You, the township residents, are on the wrong end of this farce and endless spending.
State law allows the school board to slam this in your face four times a year. Best get ready for more underhanded special elections. All at your expense. Your schools have absolutely nothing to lose. This is a no-win flim-flam against all residents.
Remember to get out and vote May 3.
Middle class is under assault and should speak up
We have watched through the years as the middle class of baseball and apple pie in this country has steadily been strangled by our own government because of lobbyist influence in the White House, Congress and Senate, along with the courts systems. We have seen the decline of the mills, and many other jobs around the country, televisions, appliances, textiles, toys, auto parts and even the many foreign autos manufactured here have a trail of money leaving this country, all through the support and encouragement of our government by trade agreements and NAFTA rules, which as an honorable country we strive to fulfill.
Today we are no longer a producer country but a consumer. Even the computer technology advancements have been given away to be manufactured in China. Medical records and clerical functions of every kind are being channeled through India. The sharp decline in goods produced in the United States threatens the livelihood of every working person, both now and in future generation.
The federal government's disregard of the local officials and residents of the United States is also appalling toward the war on our borders, with a daily surge of illegal aliens (not undocumented workers) crossing the border with the intent to work/collect funds of all sorts at the taxpayer expense and forward them to their home countries. The big businesses have lobbied too many officials at the federal level and allowed low wages and nonbenefits to be paid, which results in the American worker competing for a job at a handicap. Slow erosion has lowered the standing wage, caused many to work for no benefits and encouraged union busting. You may not like unions, but your lifestyle is under attack.
We ask all and any who are concerned to write letters/e-mails to your officials and to companies. Demand from these large companies that they supply decent jobs here (stop the exploitation of illegals and foreign workers) and make a standing rule that to sell here, you have to manufacture a portion of the product here.
When buying a product, look and ask if they have American made products. If many ask, some companies may start to carry textiles, appliances and other items made in this country.
Minimum wage hike needed
My parents have been married for 45 years. Six years before that my mother was working, making a whopping $1 an hour. Now, some 51 years later, the minimum wage is $5.15. That's a whole $4.15 increase in 51 years. The cost of living has passed that up by leaps and bounds. There's no way people can live on that.
Our government needs to think of the needs of the people who put them in office and increase the minimum wage so we can begin to make a decent living.