Both vulnerable. South deals.

Both vulnerable. South deals.
x -A 9 8 3
u -A 7 5
v-A 9 6 3
w -8 5
x -6 5 4 x -Q J 10
u -Q J 10 6 4 u -9 3 2
v-J 5v-7
w -A 7 3 w -Q J 10 9 4 2
x -K 7 2
u -K 8
v-K Q 10 8 4 2
w -K 6
The bidding:
1v Pass 1x Pass
2v Pass 4v Pass
4x Pass 5v Pass
Pass Pass
Opening lead: Queen of u
Declarer did not delve deeply enough into his bridge lexicon when looking for the fulfilling trick in his five-diamond contract. He only got as far as the section on avoidance, but settled on the wrong page.
North's decision to raise to four diamonds took the partnership beyond their best spot of three no trump. However, it is not easy to reach that contract with South as declarer to protect the king of clubs from a lead through at the opening gun. North must rebid two hearts on the second round then, after receiving a two-spade preference from partner, support diamonds next. South can then bid three no trump and claim 10 tricks.
Against five diamonds, West led the queen of hearts. The problem was to guard against losing two club tricks as well as a spade. Declarer won the opening lead in hand, drew trumps in two rounds, ending in dummy and led a low spade, capturing East's 10 with the king. South led a spade from hand and, when West followed low, rose with the ace and exited with a spade. Unfortunately it was East who won the third spade, and the queen of clubs return netted two more tricks for the defense. Down one.
Declarer went wrong at the very first trick. Suppose South lets West hold the trick and wins the heart continuation with the king. After drawing trumps, declarer cashes the ace of hearts, discarding a spade from hand. The king and ace of spades are cashed and a spade is ruffed. When the suit split evenly, the 13th spade provides a parking place for a club from the South hand. Declarer loses only a trump and a heart. And if spades don't break, declarer can still lead toward the king of clubs and hope for the best.
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