HELOISE What's in a name? With paprika, not much

Dear Heloise: Can you please tell me what the difference is between sweet and regular paprika? I recently found a recipe calling for the sweet variety, and I'm at a loss. I need help. Hermine in North Carolina
Hermine, a leading manufacturer we contacted said that there is no significant difference between sweet paprika and regular paprika. Because paprika is made from mild peppers, some varieties can be somewhat hotter than others. So, be sure to read the labels. Store paprika in a container with a tight-fitting lid. Date the paprika container when you buy it, and try to use it within six months. Heloise
Food fact
If paprika has no odor or loses color, don't use it -- your recipe might not turn out.
Dear Readers: Here are some comments from readers about using up leftover filling from deviled eggs:
UDonna of Woodbridge, Va., says: "Whenever I make deviled eggs, I try to make sure there is leftover filling. This is a special little treat I give myself. I love to spread it on a slice of bread and eat it as a sandwich."
UEdie Guest of Hamel, Minn., says: "I use the leftover filling to fill chunks of celery or of green, red or yellow bell peppers, and intersperse them on the plate or make a separate plate of them. I always garnish them similarly to the deviled eggs."
UPat Gull, via e-mail, says: "I make deviled eggs and potato salad at the same time; that way, the extra stirs right in and doesn't go to waste. I put boiled eggs in my macaroni (with shrimp) salad also, so the mix would work there as well."
Dear Heloise: Need to cut through soft bread or dough before cooking? Use a large-wheel pizza cutter. My grandson loves sausage rolls, but after you rolled up the sausage in the dough, it was difficult to cut and would stick to the knife. The pizza cutter makes a quick and easy job of the task no one wanted. Ginger McGlothlin, Fairfax Station, Va.
Dear Heloise: I've finally learned, when I'm pouring something that could cause splatters from a hot saucepan into a bowl, to put the bowl in the sink. My arm is at a more comfortable angle for pouring, resulting in no stains on my clothes or spills on the counter.
Also, here's a baking tip that has kept my cupboards tidy: I keep my flour sifter in a plastic bag, and tucked in the sifter is a piece of wax paper. I sift the flour onto it before spooning the required amount into the measuring cup. The wax paper can be used many times, and the plastic bag keeps the flour off the shelf. Carol from Canada
Dear Heloise: When I reheat rolls, buns or any other baked items in the microwave oven, I cover the food with a damp paper towel for a softer, fresher product. Teresa Bowen, Choudrant, La.
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