Marriage licenses
Joseph A. Derico, 43, 9704 Hoagland Blackstub Road, Orwell, and Kuang-Yir Kasabian, 44, 12 Harbor Circle, Freehold, N.J.
David E. Aikins Jr., 23, 3900 Powrie Road, Leavittsburg, and Chrystina D. Lund, 19, same.
Michael D. Richards, 51, 6277 Newton Falls Road, Ravenna, and Barbara A. Cowan, 62,727 state Route 534 S.W., Newton Falls, and Patrick R. Weir, 22,2545 Jackson St., S.W., Warren, and Heather L. Workman, 20, same.
William R. Phillips, 34, 244 Old Oak Drive, Cortland and Cheryl L. Slater, 38, same.
Martin J. Kovac, 33, 2978 Hallock Young Road, Lordstown, and Heather L. Popovich, 27, same.
Kenneth C. Jones, 60, 169 Morningside,Niles, and Garnet I. Myers, 51, same.
James M. Moyer, Jr., 37, 215 Holford Ave., Niles, and Nikki L. Rogozan, 56, same.
Daniel S. Robertson, legal age, 104 Lakeside Way, Warren, and Jennifer L. Marsteller, legal age, same.
Stanley M. Owens, 56, 1227 North Road. # 141, Niles, and Ramona L. Bennett, 50, same.
Adrian Rubio, 24, 1131 Paseo Camino Real, Calexico, Calif., and Caryn N. Hileman, 25, 6963 Pine Grove Drive, Hubbard.
George W. Morrow, 49, 144 Brook Drive, Brookfield, and Holly A. Jackson, 39, 2436 Northwest Blvd., Warren.
Cory M. Brown, 29, 33 Cinnaman Circle, Fairport, N.Y., and Debbie D. Dorzio, 31, same.
George E. Williams, 48, 43 Hillview Drive, Hubbard, and Linda L. Rooney, 46,same.
James D. Dixon, 41, 22 Myron Apt. 1, Hubbard, and Sheila M. Heap, 24, same.
Jerry L. Antram, 61, 4875 Union Ave., N.E., Homeworth, and Nina J. Conner, 56, 1736 Clermont Ave., Warren.
Marriage licenses
Todd D. Freeman, 29, Dearborn Heights, Mich., and Stacy Jean Dorman, 25, Dearborn Heights, Mich.
Nicholas J. Boccieri, 31, of 446 Arbor Circle, Youngstown, and Amy K. Haug, 23, of 6167 E. Middletown Road, New Middletown.
Martin T. Timlin, 23, of 13700 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, Petersburg, and Rachel M. Orr, 21, of 6557 Metz Road, New Middletown.
Matthew J. McDonough, 34, Round Rock, Texas, and Maureen DellaPenna, 32, Round Rock, Texas.
Matthew G. Worst, 20, of 388 Enon Road, Enon Valley, Pa., and Leslie A. Green, 20, of 4405 South Ave., Youngstown.
Darrian L. Gilmore, 30, Niagra Falls, N.Y., and LaKisha R. Jackson, 31, of 548 Cohasset Drive, Youngstown.
John H. Marino III, 25, of 8426 Colwyn Court, Apt. 3, Boardman, and Jennifer L. Beach, 24, of 610 W. Park Ave., Columbiana.
Randal W. Anderson, 45, of 1756 Laurie Drive, Youngstown, and Mary A. Anderson, 42, of 35 Jeffrey Lane, New Middletown.
Robert T. Vadala Jr., 30, of 2725 Highland Ave., Poland, and Erica N. Devor, 26, same address.
Raymond Mercado, 54, of 661 Coitsville-Hubbard Road, Youngstown, and Victoria L. Delany, 49, same address.
Elbert W. Shuler Jr., 19, of 610 Parkcliff Ave., Youngstown, and Christina D. Brown, 19, of 1158 Berwick Ave., Youngstown.
Gene S. Grimm, 44, of 52 Howard Ave., Youngstown, and Marjorie E. Mousa, 34, of 5880 Robinson Road, Lowellville.
William K. Burton, 29, Youngstown, and Loretta M. Cook 32, Youngstown.
Probate Court
Will of Carol Ann Burson, estate to husband, Jack.
Will of Angela A. Accordino, estate to husband, Carmen.
Real estate transfers
Ram Parkash to David Praet et al, Youngstown, $6,600.
Iverson Investments Inc. to Joseph Martin et al, Youngstown, $14,000.
Iverson Investments Inc. to Stephen Morgan, Youngstown, $12,500.
Iverson Investments Inc. to Stephen Morgan, Youngstown, $97,000.
Estate of Robert Olson to John Brown Jr. et al, Youngstown, $10,000.
John Rearick et al to Dominic Leone et al, Struthers, $105,000.
James Behon et al to Emery Cutting et al, Milton Twp., $17,000.
Terry Dobson et al to Daniel Jaric et al, Springfield Twp., $9,000.
Deborah Andujar to Sabrena Grantling, Youngstown, $50,000.
Lawrence Spears to Thomas Slosser et al, Lowellville, $37,000.
Thelma Vasechko to Edward Salata et al, Springfield Twp., $182,000.
Nicholas Harvey Sr. et al to Michele Orostin Trustee, Youngstown, $4,500.
Dorothy McNally to George Basile, Austintown, $58,000.
Joseph Gardner et al to Haishi Zhao et al, Canfield, $193,000.
Vivian Marino et al to William Bugzavich et al, Youngstown, $33,128.64.
Autism Awareness Society to Andrea Kennedy, Youngstown, $14,500.
Deutsche Bank to Maxine Lentz et al, Sebring, $94,100.
Burnell Grieve et al to Daniel Memo, Poland, $268,000.
Phillip Davis et al to Cocca Properties LLC, Boardman Twp., $47,500.
Florence Parker to Yvetter Reyna, Youngstown, $7,000.
Kenneth Davis et al to Robert Allen et al, Berlin Center, $135,000.
JP Morgan Chase Bank to Iverson Investments Inc., Youngstown, $12,000.
Jason Zelonish et al to Matthew Spienaela, Austintown Twp., $170,000.
Catherine Mucha to Margaret Ross, Boardman Twp., $105,000.
Deutsche Bank to Patrick Gaughan, Boardman Twp., $62,950.
Jesse Johnson et al to National Transfer Services LLC., Youngstown, $84,800.
National Transfer Services LLC. to Gregory Stephens et al, Youngstown, $84,800.
Ritchey Hartman et al to Luke Watts et al, Boardman Twp., $66,000.
John Skolada et al to Jolene Pavak, Poland, $132,500.
Caroline Proffitt et al to Sheila Stawser, Sebring, $9,000.
Vincent Burns to Ethel Dillon, Youngstown, $1,000.
Elaine Walton to Iverson Investments Inc., Youngstown, $9,500.
Douglas Lamplush to David Pinkaro, Canfield, $96,250.
Charles Ratie et al to Julie Shodin, Boardman Twp., $89,000.
John Jenkins et al to Michael Lofaro et al, Austintown, $85,000.
Fannie Mae to Bryce Gillam et al, Youngstown, $19,000.
Jean Lynn Properties LLC to Javier Torres, Youngstown, $55,000.
Newton Properties LLC to John Mullberry, Beaver Twp., $145,000.
Brad Nolsheim to Federal National Mortgage, Boardman Twp., $72,000.
Virginia Kramer to Kevin Dill, Youngstown, $19,000.
Estate of Thomas Thompson to Galen Hamilton et al, Youngstown, $23,500.
Lawrence Williams et al to Debra Toler, Youngstown, $86,000.
Sally Cullinan to Joseph Marino, Youngstown, $93,500.
Rose Roll to Kent Dolen et al, Canfield Twp., 240,000.
Dwight Santee et al to J. Joseph Bricker, Beloit Village, $156,000.

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