Domestic relations
April Augustine vs. Frank J. Augustine, dismissed.
Andrew S. Tokar vs. Cheryl Ann Tokar, divorce to plaintiff/defendant, wife restored to former name, Cheryl Ann Hall.
Kenneth A. Nicholson vs. Tina L. Nicholson, divorce to plaintiff.
Angela L. Santana vs. Linda G. Santana, divorce to plaintiff.
Judy L. Rogers vs. Bruce E. Rogers Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Mary Beth Gerthung vs. Terry W. Gerthung, dismissed.
Shelly Ann Rauschenbach vs. Donald Lee Rauschenbach, divorce to plaintiff.
Robert D. Brown vs. Shannon M. Brown, divorce to plaintiff.
Mary Jo Heasley vs. Christopher S. Heasley, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Sandy Joseph Perkins vs. Debra Ann Perkins, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Ronald D. Christoff vs. Terri Lynn Christoff, divorce to plaintiff/defendant, wife restored to former name, Terri Lynn Bruss.
Carole Sheely vs. George Sheely, divorce to plaintiff/defendant, wife restored to former name, Carole Ferraro.
Joyce L. Feder vs. Jorg Feder, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Janet L. Smith vs. James L. Smith III, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Janet L. Jackson.
Michele Carr vs. Donald G. Carr, dismissed.
Ann R. McGraw vs. James M. McGraw, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
David R. Grazier vs. Michelle Grazier, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Randell J. Kish Jr. vs. Shannon R. Kish, same.
Laura S. Gingery vs. John J. Gingery, same, wife restored to former name, Laura S. Tucker.
Elizabeth Ann Jones vs. Michael J. Jones, same, wife restored to former name, Elizabeth Ann Innocenzi.
Patrick M. Krohn vs. Stephanie Krohn, dismissed.
Maria E. Green vs. Norman E. Martin, divorce to plaintiff/defendant.
Karen Sue Thomas vs. Scott E. Thomas, same.
Christine D. Crutchley vs. Dale E. Crutchley, same.
Susan Bluhm vs. Karl N. Bluhm, same.
Shaun Streeter vs. Nikki M. Sanders, same.
Judy A. Snyder vs. Roger E. Snyder, divorce to defendant.
Tracey E. Lynn vs. Eric J. Lynn, divorce to plaintiff.
Kathleen M. Bowser vs. William B. Bowser, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Kathleen M. Nespeca.
Ronald E. White vs. Patricia Ann White, divorce to plaintiff.
Ariana K. Vaughn vs. Bradley J. Vaughn, annulment to plaintiff, plaintiff restored to former name, Ariana K. Helminiak.
Khim E. Bonner vs. Monty Kay Bonner, divorce to plaintiff.
Christine L. Dixon vs. William P. Dixon Jr., same, wife restored to former name, Christine L. Caudill.
Cametrius Shelton Sr. vs. Sabrina Graham, dismissed.
Linda M. Lucarell vs. Phillip R. Lucarell, divorce to plaintiff/defendant, wife restored to former name, Linda M. Higgins.
Patricia E. Porter vs. Kevin D. Porter, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Patricia E. Davis.
Jack B. Layne vs. Julie Layne, divorce to plaintiff.
Patrice S. Steele vs. James E. Steele, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Patrice S. Calderone.
Terri D. Vicarel vs. John M. Vicarel, divorce to plaintiff.
Connie Lynn Daughtery vs. Blaine W. Daughterty Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Jermaine Simmons vs. Annika Simmons, dismissed.
Sharon L. Clinkscale vs. Lawrence Clinkscale Jr., dismissed.
Ross C. Granger vs. Kathleen Granger, dismissed.
Carol A. Mulligan vs. Charles T. Mulligan, divorce to plaintiff, wife restored to former name, Carol A. Hunsbarger.
Docket entries
State vs. David T. Wright, 10 months in prison. Credit for time served to be applied with the balance remaining of 36 days to be served in the county jail.
State vs. Dennis C. Kriebel, three-year probation; $500 fine, and driver's license suspended for one year with occupational driving privileges allowed.
State vs. John Hill, sentenced to one year in prison.
State vs. Kelly McGuire, two-year probation and driver's license suspended for six months.
Sky Bank vs. Huley Forest III et al, sale confirmed.
County treasurer vs. James Boyd et al, sale confirmed.
Same vs. Melvin D. Johnson et al, foreclosure.
Bank One vs. Shawn Durkin et al, sale confirmed.
American States Ins. Co. vs. Bales Davis Excavating Co., dismissed.
Worldwide Asset Purchasing et al vs. James Clark, judgment for defendant.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. et al vs. Michael G. Gibbons Jr., summary judgment for plaintiff.
Everhome Mtg Co. vs. Kimberly A. Wofton et al, decree and judgment entry.
State Farm Mutual Insurance Co. vs. Starr M. Haley, judgment for plaintiffs.
Scott Catania et al vs. Ranalli Siding, dismissed.
Joyce A. Schell et al vs. John B. Young et al, settled.
County treasurer vs. Pearline Dubose et al, dismissal and order of distribution.
Cendant Mtg. Corp. vs. James R. Hlinka Jr. et al, dismissed.

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