Today is Saturday, April 16, the 106th day of 2005. There are 259 days left in the year. On this date in 1947, the French ship Grandcamp blows up at the harbor in Texas City, Texas; another ship, the

Today is Saturday, April 16, the 106th day of 2005. There are 259 days left in the year. On this date in 1947, the French ship Grandcamp blows up at the harbor in Texas City, Texas; another ship, the Highflyer, explodes the following day. The blasts and resulting fires kill 576 people.
In 1789, President-elect Washington leaves Mount Vernon, Va., for his inauguration in New York. In 1862, a bill ending slavery in the District of Columbia becomes law. In 1912, Harriet Quimby becomes the first woman to fly across the English Channel. In 1917, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin returns to Russia after years of exile. In 1935, the radio comedy program "Fibber McGee and Molly" premieres on the NBC Blue Network. In 1945, in his first speech to Congress, President Truman pledges to carry out the war and peace policies of his late predecessor, President Roosevelt. In 1945, U.S. troops reach Nuremberg, Germany, during the second World War. In 1947, financier and presidential confidant Bernard M. Baruch says in a speech at the South Carolina statehouse: "Let us not be deceived -- we are today in the midst of a cold war." In 1962, Walter Cronkite succeeds Douglas Edwards as anchorman of "The CBS Evening News." In 1972, Apollo 16 blasts off on a voyage to the moon.
April 16, 1980: Two men are being held as suspects in the slaying of Mrs. Rose Lint, 63, whose body was found near her husband's gun shop on Cameron Ave.
U.S. Sen. Howard Metzenbaum, D-Ohio, who is usually at odds with oil giant Sohio, warns the Department of Energy that if it orders Sohio to raise its prices by as much as 12 cents a gallon, it should be prepared to order other stations to lower their prices to that charged by Sohio. Because of its access to Alaskan oil, Sohio is selling gas as much as 21 cents cheaper than some of its competitors.
Mahoning County's new emergency radio-communication network saved the life of Carlton E. Woodruff Sr., 78, of Gutknecht Tower, after he collapsed at Hazel and Commerce streets. An ambulance was at the scene within three minutes.
April 16, 1965: A design control committee is being formed to supervise the quality and shape of new buildings in the Central Business District's urban renewal projects.
A federal judge threatens to hold Ohio Attorney General William Saxbe in contempt of court during a hearing on the return of Youngstown racketeer Joey Naples to the Ohio Penitentiary. The judge accused Saxbe of lecturing him during Saxbe's impassioned argument that the judge's earlier order freeing Naples should be revoked.
April 16, 1955: More than 3,000 Democratic leaders, including former President Harry S. Truman and Adlai Stevenson, pack the National Guard Armory for a $100 plate dinner honoring Speaker Sam Rayburn. The dinner was organized by Rep. Michael J. Kirwan of Youngstown, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. ,
The bravado that carried 12 North and East Side teenage boys through a series of night-time purse snatchings and one assault melts into tears in Juvenile Court as Judge Henry P. Bechenbach sentences the four ring leaders to the industrial school and puts the others on probation.
Congressman Michael J. Kirwan, a ranking member of the public works subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, will have an important voice in determining all federal public works east of the Mississippi River.
April 16, 1930: Expansion of the newly organized Republic Steel Corp. has begun in Youngstown and R.J. Wysor, vice president in charge of operations, arrives in the city to take over his new duties.
Three Youngstown architectural firms are selected by the YMCA building committee to plan and supervise the construction of three YMCA development projects at a total cost of $275,000.
Cruiser cars of the police department will be radio-equipped within the next two weeks, says Police Chief Paul Lyden. One cruiser has been equipped with an aerial, a sheet of galvanized iron 26 inches by 7 inches hung below the gas tank.

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