GOVERNMENT CLASS 2 high school seniors pass teacher's challenge

Their efforts earned them A's for the quarter.
TROY, Ohio (AP) -- Two high school students got a member of Congress to visit their government class, earning some extra credit and learning some lessons about perseverance at the same time.
Rep. John Boehner, a Republican who represents southwest Ohio's 8th District, spoke to the class on Friday after Troy High School seniors Alina Pierson and Jessica Wilson mounted a letter-writing and telephone campaign to arrange the visit.
"It started as a bet," said Kevin Alexander, who challenged the 25 students in his class to bring in a guest speaker. "I told them if they got a congressional aide in here, they'd get bonus points. A congressman, an A for the whole quarter; a senator, an A for the semester; the president, an A for the year."
Alexander said he didn't think anything would come of the bet.
Pierson and Wilson took the challenge. Pierson started e-mailing Boehner's office in February.
"I started writing him a letter every week, different letters each time," she said. "I never thought I'd actually get through."
She didn't mention that his appearance would enhance her grade.
After about six weeks, Wilson started calling Boehner's office. She called and called until Alexander got a call -- to arrange the visit.
"His staffers knew both girls by name," Alexander said.
Boehner answered questions from Alexander's class on Iraq, Social Security and the price of oil. They also asked him about his political ambitions, like would he run for president.
"I don't want to be president," Boehner said. "I decided years ago I didn't even want to be in the Senate. The House is more rambunctious. The Senate is like going to a funeral parlor. They're older, and it's not as much fun."
Boehner got a Troy High mug, cap and sweater. Wilson and Pierson got their A's.

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