Struthers voters have chance to support school excellence

Struthers voters have chance to support school excellence
As many of you know, the Struthers City Schools have an 8-mill levy on the ballot in May. As a resident of Struthers for the past 33 years and as the chairman of the levy committee, I feel the need to put out a call to my fellow residents to go to the polls on May 3 and help get this levy passed. All too often we tend to get caught up in politics and finger pointing, instead of focusing on what is truly important.
This levy is not about any one person, but rather the children of our city. We have the reputation of being a "blue-collar" city, full of strong willed people who value hard work and family. This is our chance to "take care" of our Struthers family. I hope that we can come together and support our schools to continue the traditions that have been so evident in our community.
We have first class school buildings, thanks to you; and we have first class students, thanks to you; and we have first class teachers and administrators who want nothing but the best for our children. I ask you to discover the facts, learn how this tax will affect you, and go into "your" schools and see the great things that take place everyday.
As a Struthers resident and a Struthers parent I ask you to support your schools on May 3. They're our children; it's their future. Let's continue the tradition of excellence that we, the Struthers community, have begun.
Parochial schools in city need parental support
It sometimes gets discouraging for those of us who live in Youngstown to watch our parochial schools close one by one. Although some things are out of our control (families moving from the city, smaller family sizes), the commitment we must make to our children to provide them with a parochial school education is something we can control.
My family lives in the city and my children now attend St. Matthias School (as I did 30 years ago). For us there is no choice but to educate our children at a parochial school and we are fortunate that St. Matthias remains open.
Most of us live in the city because we cannot afford to live in the suburbs, and yet we make the sacrifice to send our children to parochial schools. If all of the inner city parochial schools close, we will be forced to send our children to the suburbs to attend Catholic school.
Let's not forget that our two Catholic high schools are within Youngstown city limits. If we allow our inner city schools to close, how long will it be before the families in the suburbs stop sending their children to Mooney and Ursuline?
I am sending an appeal to all families from Youngstown parishes. Please consider sending your children to St. Matthias School so that we can show everyone that Youngstown is still vital and that we are willing to fight to keep inner city parochial education alive and well for more generations of our children.
'Moon' was magnificent
While your review of the current Youngstown Playhouse production, "Moon Over Buffalo," was favorable and well written, it does not begin to do justice to this magnificent show.
"Moon Over Buffalo" is a comic farce. Doing a farce well requires experienced actors, strong direction, exquisite timing and high energy. All of these elements come together in this Playhouse show- and then some. I, along with the rest of the audience, roared at the hilarious antics that we saw played out on the stage. It was nonstop fun.
Prior to the show, I had brunch served in the theater's Moyer Room. It was delicious, beautifully presented and very reasonably priced.
How lucky we are to have such talent here in our Valley, available to everyone.
In short -- I laughed, I cried, I dined .... I had a heck of a time. And I can't wait to do it again.