Marriage licences
Randall P. Laughlin, 46, 1130 Woodbine Ave., Warren, and Lillian M. Atwood, 45, same.
Mark E. Stephens, 44, 144 Wilson Ave., Niles, and Janine L. Flickinger, 30, same.
Jarriel J. White, 22, 824 Tamrack Drive, Fayetteville, N.C., and Renda L. Smith, 21, same.
Mark W. Tilton, II, 23, 384 Adelaide Ave., S.E., Warren and Ashley J. Leonard, 21, same.
Vincent A. Repucci, 24, 5523 London Drive,Austintown, and Jessica L. Woods, 20, 814 Walls Lake, Vienna.
Andrew S. Tripoulas, 38, 258 Mulbery N.W., Warren, and Michele N. Frenchko, 30, same.
E. Richard Nichol, 64, R.D. 3 P.O. Box 626, Marienville, Pa., and Nancy L. Schollaert, 53,P.O. Box 609, East Hickory, Pa.
Christopher L. Mohr, 50, 1494 Payne St., Mineral Ridge, and Cherie L. McIntyre, 33, same.
Michael D. Sullivan, Jr., 21, 615 Mason St., Niles, and Melissa D. Kovacich, 20, 137 Wilson Ave., Niles.
Michael S. Smith, 31, 303 Stewart, Hubbard, and Amy B. Carson, 28, same.
David L. Bartholomew Jr., 34,2860 Parkman Road N.W., Warren, and Melissa A. Ritter, 31, same.
Richard J. Erwin, 21, 39 Higley Ave., Niles, and Tiffany M. Coudriet, 20, same.
William J. Shehy, 24, 1117 Robbins Ave., Niles, and Andrea M. Thompson, 22, 2121 Robbins Ave, Niles.
Wayne K.F. Bartz, 38, 6855 Warren Sharon Road, Brookfield, and Amy L. Hanlon, 32, same.
Stephen M. Brekoski Jr., 25, 1061 Patricia Drive, Girard, and Amy M. Amodio, 21, same.
Michael J. Schmitz, 33, 4401 Shanks Phalanx Road, Southington, and Christy A. McClellan, 29, same.
Richard J. Hammond, 29, 3245 Dove Drive, Lordstown, and Lisa M. Young, 32, same.
Asim UI Hassan, 24, 5183 Sampson Drive, Youngstown, and Arooj Rafique, 20, same.
Brian J. Hoostal, 34, 1028 Buena Vista Ave. N.E., Warren, and Greta Baxstrom, 29, same.
Michael A. Blanton, 39, 26 Beaver Creek Drive, Warren, and Linda K. Starcher, 43, same.
James J. Cerny, 23, 252 Ohio Ave. # 303, McDonald, and Tabbatha E. Bowker, 21, same.
Clayton W. Fisher, 26, 1272 South St., Warren, and Regina A. Lyons, 25, same.

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