1st-Seventh Lady(P Ross)14.807.005.80
Ima Cricket Also(J Conger)6.403.80
True To Yourself(S Schillaci)3.20
Exacta 5-2 Paid $86.80. Trifecta 5-2-7 Paid $582.80.
2nd-Home Stand(K Holliday)5.203.802.80
Forcees(T Boring)9.804.80
Grand Trecar(A Merriman)3.20
Exacta 1-4 Paid $69.80. Trifecta 1-4-3 Paid $212.80. Daily Double 5-1 Paid $91.00.
3rd-Semper Fi Hall(K Holliday)4.202.402.10
Stan(K Kash Jr)2.402.10
R Cowboy(A Merriman)2.10
Exacta 1-3 Paid $9.40. Trifecta 1-3-2 Paid $14.20.
4th-Deadwood(S Schillaci)12.605.803.60
Harry The(T Boring)4.204.40
Electric Tan Man(J Perrin)3.60
Exacta 5-9 Paid $39.00. Superfecta 5-9-1-8 Paid $494.20.
5th-Fugeddaboudit(M Robinson)11.203.602.10
Collegiate Chip(R Fisher Jr)2.802.10
Ballerina Jewel(K Holliday)2.10
Exacta 5-6 Paid $31.00. Trifecta 5-6-4 Paid $88.40. Pick Three 1/5,6/5 3 OF 3 Paid $149.20.
6th-Tyler's Scooter(K Kash Jr)35.0014.004.40
Nf Gallivant(A Merriman)6.603.40
Taintedbrewhotspur(G Grismore)2.40
Exacta 4-1 Paid $186.20. Trifecta 4-1-2 Paid $350.20.
7th-Brault's Choice(T Boring)11.406.2010.60
Magic Dart(K Kash Jr)4.609.00
Stand Tough(K Holliday)30.00
Exacta 4-5 Paid $63.40. Trifecta 4-5-2 Paid $1,317.00. Superfecta 4-5-2-9 Paid $2,953.00.
8th-Alien Nate(J Thompson)5.802.802.10
Chips Fly(K Holliday)2.402.10
M-Twentytwo(W Irvine)2.10
Exacta 2-3 Paid $16.60. Trifecta 2-3-6 Paid $50.20. Pick Three 4/4/2 3 OF 3 Paid $1,110.40.
9th-Western All Star(A Merriman)6.803.405.60
Country Welcome(K Kash Jr)4.206.60
Punkin Eater(G Grismore)7.00
Exacta 1-9 Paid $32.40. Trifecta 1-9-7 Paid $175.40.
10th-Blue Cruiser(A Merriman)3.602.602.40
Y'r Dawn Right(J Hall)3.404.20
A Good Message(M Robinson)10.40
Exacta 3-2 Paid $11.00. Trifecta 3-2-8 Paid $420.80. Superfecta 3-2-8-5 Paid $1,628.00. Pick 7 4 OF 7 Paid $7.30. PICK 7 CARRY OVER $2135.53
11th-Altamonty(T Boring)13.005.403.20
Surf Sam(A Merriman)3.603.60
Bring The Pain(K Holliday)2.60
Exacta 3-6 Paid $67.80. Trifecta 3-6-2 Paid $236.40. Pick Three 1/3/3 3 OF 3 Paid $129.80.
12th-Rose Run Ferrari(G Grismore)6.203.403.00
Incredibly Fast(A Merriman)2.802.60
Patriot Act(W Irvine)3.80
Exacta 8-3 Paid $24.80. Trifecta 8-3-4 Paid $99.60.
13th-Kendal Ridge Brown(Grsmr)2.402.102.10
Elkhorn Bandit(C Smith Jr)3.602.80
Jakesgoingtogether(J Perrin)5.60
Exacta 1-3 Paid $9.20. Trifecta 1-3-9 Paid $68.40.
14th-Silentsteel(K Holliday)8.003.402.10
Fantastic Mindale(G Grismore)3.002.10
Raque Forever(A Merriman)2.10
Exacta 6-2 $27.80. Late Double 1-6 Paid $15.60. Trifecta 6-2-4 Paid $53.60. Superfecta 6-2-4-7 Paid $217.20. Pick Three 8/1,4/6 3 OF 3 Paid $53.20. Pick Four 3/8/1,4/6 4 OF 4 Paid $271.20.
Attendance: 2,132. Handle: $1,183,968
1st-General Mauk (Whitney)7.404.403.60
Kip's Contender (Rivera Jr)9.006.00
Cat Gun (Baez)4.20
Time: 1:00.67. Also ran: Mr I. Imagination, Buzzy O, Punk, The Clock Man, Dedicated Dragon, Mjahe and Hard Quality. Perfecta (7-3) Paid $90.60. Trifecta (7-3-9) Paid $593.80.
2nd-Power Knock (Whitney)8.204.603.60
Sainted Colony (Parker)5.003.20
Our Moment (Nguyen)9.00
Time: 1:41.08. Also ran: Itsahotcat, Stillgotem, Ellsworth, Full of Gratitude, Mahoning King, White Cargo and Space Age. Daily Double (7-1) Paid $41.40 Daily Double Pool $22,143. Perfecta (1-8) Paid $55.20. Trifecta (1-8-9) Paid $689.20.
3rd-Gold Fabuleux (Ramgeet)4.603.803.40
Hefty Taxes (Brinkley)9.806.40
Accent of Gold (Pereira)3.80
Time: 1:45.93. Also ran: Kylor Creek, One Crazy Lady, Silver Invitation, Definitly Social and Absolutely Citron. Perfecta (6-3) Paid $35.00. Trifecta (6-3-8) Paid $132.60.
4th-Petite n' Classy (Whitney)4.403.602.60
Hearts of Jones (Spieth)6.204.80
Obstinate (Murphy)7.80
Time: 1:05.96. Also ran: Candy Win, Darling Bee, Picki, Boji Breeze, Big Meadow, Maria's Magic and Frau Blucher. Perfecta (8-9) Paid $30.20. Trifecta (8-9-4) Paid $536.20.
5th-Coveryourbets (Marcial)6.603.803.40
It Is True (Walker Jr)5.605.80
Judge Louie (Mailhot)16.40
Time: 1:13.81. Also ran: Swing Your Lady, Wild Boy, Navy Flag, Winabull, Be the Glory, Whole Lotta Soul and Tarfu. Perfecta (10-7) Paid $43.40. Superfecta (10-7-4-5) Paid $9,390.60. Trifecta (10-7-4) Paid $1,056.40. Pick 3 (6-8-10) 3 Correct Paid $61.80. Pick 3 Pool $12,906.
6th-Eastern Crown (Murphy)2.802.402.20
Imperial Ruler (Hemsley)4.202.20
Elaine's Wolfer (Marcial)2.20
Time: 1:12.28. Scratched: Tour With Wells. Also ran: Dun, Spoils of Victory, Saratoga River, Picollo, Affordable and Mineral Springs. Perfecta (6-10) Paid $16.60. Trifecta (6-10-1) Paid $96.00.
7th-Jaguar Princess (Whitney)
Wild Meeting (Murphy)3.003.60
Fancy Empire (Marcial)5.00
Time: 1:12.49. Also ran: South Magnolia, Excitable, Paris Amie and Slick Debbie. Perfecta (1-4) Paid $20.00. Trifecta (1-4-7) Paid $98.00.
8th-Humblevictor (Farrell)
I'm the Bear (Stokes III)4.404.40
Sunshine Numbers (Suarez)8.00
Time: 1:13.02. Scratched: Hesa Big Star. Also ran: First Union, Valienteslegacy, Royal Actor and Lively Exit. Perfecta (3-5) Paid $92.00. Trifecta (3-5-7) Paid $410.00. Pick 3 (2,6-1-3) 3 Correct Paid $105.40 Pick 3 Pool.
9th-South Christian (Ccamaque)5.402.802.60
Crack the Vault (Murphy)3.202.60
Barney Smith (Parker)2.60
Time: 1:11.19. Also ran: Generously, Seyalateralligator, Irish Rogue and Long Star. Perfecta (4-5) Paid $15.60. Trifecta (4-5-6) Paid $38.60
10th-Prison Boy (Rivera Jr)3.003.402.80
Academically Right (Nguyen)6.002.80
Teddy's Pick (Ccamaque)3.00
Time: 1:39.27. Scratched: Kid Kaelin. Also ran: Lord Harmony, Mr. Bigglesworth, Film Star, Nature's Power, Shannon the Cannon and Doc's Golden Bear. Perfecta (4-1) Paid $27.00. Superfecta (4-1-2-7) Paid $1,125.60. Daily Double (4-4) Paid $9.60 Daily Double Pool $22,670. Trifecta (4-1-2) Paid $82.40.
Attendance: 3,441. Handle: $33,115
1st-Comealive (Gonzalez L.)5.603.802.20
Jandemar (Feliciano R.) 3.402.20
Brents Mercer (Munaylla F.) 3.00
Also Ran: Cruzcat, El Pequeno. Late Scratch: Glenrothes. Time: :58.94. Exacta (6-2), $14.80; Superfecta (6-2-5-4), $141.80; Trifecta (6-2-5), $91.00.
2nd-Czech Mate (Gonzalez L.)4.002.402.10
So Far Go (Spieth S.) 2.602.10
Royal City (Rosendo I.) 2.20
Also Ran: Party Believer, Iron Hill, Proper Direction. Time: :58.38. Daily Double (6-6), $9.60; Exacta (6-4), $6.40; Superfecta (6-4-5-1), $84.80; Trifecta (6-4-5), $39.20.
3rdBernie's Baby (Feliciano R.)3.803.002.60
Had to Be You (Munaylla F.) 6.603.00
Margold (Rosendo I.) 2.80
Also Ran: Wild Waki, Private Jet North, Level Bid. Time: 1:07.24. Exacta (4-6), $29.60; Superfecta (4-6-1-2), $230.40; Trifecta (4-6-1), $108.20; Pic 3 (6-6-4), $22.20.
4th-Bearcat Kenyon (Gonzalez L.)5.404.603.20
Brimstone (Austin K.) 6.604.60
Show Me the Green (Peltroche E.) 6.20
Also Ran: J B Escalation, World Premier, Gambling Time, Gaellic Warrior, Turkowar. Time: 1:06.26. Exacta (4-5), $34.80; Superfecta (4-5-3-1), $304.60; Trifecta (4-5-3), $163.60; Pic 3 (6-4-4), $21.60.
5th-How Good Is That (Deveaux S.)6.603.803.00
Frankyouverymuch (Rosendo I.) 11.807.00
Loaded Soda (Mailhot P.) 5.60
Also Ran: Patrick O'Lion, First Magic, Sling Shot, Vick's Trick. Late Scratch: Halo Crossing. Time: 1:06.58. Exacta (2-4), $62.60; Superfecta (2-4-5-7), $3,973.80; Trifecta (2-4-5), $680.20; Pic 3 (4-4-2), $87.80.
6th-Gangster Whitewals (Rosendo I.)2.802.102.10
Judging Dreams (Oro E.) 5.002.10
(dh)Premier Court (Feliciano R.) 2.10
(dh)Lucky Pops (Gonzalez L.) 2.10
Also Ran: Bassmaster, Another Rocket. Time: 1:06.42. Exacta (1-2), $15.00; Superfecta (1-2-3-6), $34.20; Superfecta (1-2-6-3), $53.20; Trifecta (1-2-3), $14.60; Trifecta (1-2-6), $28.20; Pic 3 (4-2-1), $60.80.
7th-Princess Appleby (Rosendo I.)9.205.604.40
Gumby Girl (Feliciano R.) 6.606.20
Captilea (IRE) (Munaylla F.) 6.40
Also Ran: Cien Seattle, Netta's Poetry, Lovely Fortune, Royal Gate, Miss Denver Mint. Time: 1:14.14. Exacta (4-8), $49.60; Superfecta (4-8-3-7), $1,167.80; Trifecta (4-8-3), $357.20; Pic 3 (2-1-4), $44.40
8th-Gray Forum (Spieth S.)4.403.203.00
Save the Forests (Gonzalez L.) 7.404.40
European Defense (Oro E.) 4.40
Also Ran: Courageous Deputy, Omen Way, Gilded Venture, Turbo Jet, Star Stealer. Time: 1:13.44. Exacta (1-5), $43.20; Superfecta (1-5-3-7), $641.40; Trifecta (1-5-3), $206.60; Pic 3 (1-4-1), $88.00.
9th-Double Grace (Munaylla F.)4.603.602.40
Wayne's Mister C (Martinez, Jr. L.) 23.007.40
Cowboy Shane (Rosendo I.) 2.40
Also Ran: Needham's Point, Master Carver, Little Hi, Passing Hero, Playcodered. Late Scratch: Sheila's Catman. Time: :59.52. Daily Double (1-6), $13.40; Exacta (6-5), $117.60; Superfecta (6-5-7-8), $1,216.80; Trifecta (6-5-7), $429.00; Pic 3 (4-1-6), $340.40; Pic 4 (1-4-1-6), $292.20.
Handle: $1,077,352.
1st--TROT, PA-OH AMT, 3,000, 1 MI
Brite Boy,T Williams; Keep On Guessing,H Gelfand; Fiery Hit,R Bartley Jr; Durock,B Hatfield; Canda-craigh,B Troyer; Quecreek,N Hodkinson; Jason Challenger,G Bonomo
2nd--PACE, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Polo Chief,W Irvine; Georgia Art,A Merriman; Lips-mackngood,J Perrin; Stan O Mason,B Sturgeon; Ak's Bunny,L Merriman; Scramblin Rose,T Root; Silver Plated,S Cox; Spirit of Osborne,G Grismore
3rd--TROT, PA-OH AMT, 3,000, 1 MI
Dark Scene,G Keidel; Our Brutus,D Ehrenberg II; End The Chase,K Kutchenriter; Keystone Samantha,W Bercury; Say Elaine,D Morgan; Kipling Avenue,R Chapman; Homestead Prince,B Davis
4th--PACE, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Jd's Last Chance,K Kash Jr; Stanomist,A Merriman; Fijos Future,D Kennedy; Rella's Trick,C Wyers; Jet Trick,J Thompson; Three Sox Missing,M Robinson; Flying Dragon,R Fisher Jr; C G's Nipper,R Lippiatt; Mudges Gal,T Boring
5th--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Its Ok Dont Cry,C Smith Jr; Abe's Memorial,C Myrick; Glorys Potential,D Kennedy; Oaklea Elgin,G Grismore; Pearl's Secretary,R Eidens; Starlix,R Steck; Mar Clif Mac,C Wyers; Balancia Crown,B Sturgeon; Pj Stock,K Kash Jr
6th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Ron V,C Wyers; Bristolake Torpedo,A Merriman; Turbo Cruise N,G Grismore; Cr Tabasco,K Kash Jr; Stayoutofmyway,R Fisher Jr; Western Magic,A Peregrin; Do It Again Sam,J Thompson; Royal Tattler,E Quesenberry
7th--PACE, NW2PMCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Three Times Silver,W Irvine; Northville Albert,F Harris; Cheyenne Max,T Boring; Cove's Connection,A Merriman; Pompeii Connection,K Kash Jr; Cg's Joey,R Lippiatt; Sand Casteel,T Loy; Marti's Arti,S Schillaci; Sam's Clever Boy,G Grismore
8th--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Chaplins Rocketman,J Perrin; Defi Gabe,K Holliday; D J's Messinger,R Cassavaugh; Sonic Scot,A Merriman; Tabby Key,C Smith Jr; Spirited Sakra,R Steck; Speedy Torch,G Grismore; Mario's Lumpy,W Irvine; Comingfirstover,K Kash Jr
9th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI
Future Trouble,T Boring; Classic Impression,F Harris; Sharp Dressed Sam,R Fisher Jr; Fox Valley Chiaway,K Holliday; Alberto-Fino,A Merriman; Foreverama,R Eidens; Thethreepannyopera,G Grismore; Rocky Roan,K Kash Jr
10th--PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Chas's Jazz,K Holliday; Tangys Pocket,C Smith Jr; Scooter Four Onine,K Kash Jr; Sharp Steve,J Perrin; Nonnel,T Hall; Sand Slade,R Hopper III; Petala,J Thompson; Reds On Fire,A Merriman; Dart Trick,T Loy
11th--TROT, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Sunbury Girl,G Grismore; R Jack of Hearts,C Wyers; Earl The First,A Merriman; Matthew,L Merriman; K W's Lasermachine,J Thompson; New Riegel Joy,J Conger; Hit The Phone Jack,T Hall
12th--PACE, 5000CL, 3,000, 1 MI
Kansascitykillean,R Fisher Jr; He's Inebriated,T Boring; Major Cadet,G Grismore; Defiant Sahbra,B Sturgeon; Loop T Loop,A Merriman; Mostly Magic,K Kash Jr; Canaco Galion,R Steck
13th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI
Sokys Black Tact N,G Grismore; Pacificam,R Fisher Jr; H J Class,K Holliday; Silent Cal,J Mapes; Tsm Roadhouseblues,F Harris; Charlie Whiskey,T Boring; Nuke The Bunny,A Merriman; Immortal Art,B Sturgeon
14th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Hot Rod Mack,T Boring; High Caliber,K Kash Jr; Divine Favor,G Grismore; True Blue,K Holliday; Marthas Kirkboy,A Merriman; Houdini Hill,R Hopper III; The French-Man,R Fisher Jr; Teflon Tim,W Irvine; The Big Wazzoo,J Perrin

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